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vincent ward promo for topFans of AMC’s The Walking Dead will recognize veteran actor Vincent M. Ward from season three in 2012 when he portrayed the character of Oscar. Although the prisoner became a fan favorite throughout the season, Oscar met his death during the mid-season finale after seven episodes a part of the cast. Before appearing on the massively popular series, Ward stayed busy with both movies and television shows, including roles in 2000’s Traffic, 2001’s Ocean’s Eleven, HBO’s True Blood series, USA Network’s The Starter Wife series, and The CW Everybody Hates Chris series, just to new a few. Overall, the motivated actor has quite an extensive resume, and he continues to keep busy in the entertainment world. Recently, we had the chance to talk with Ward about his life, career in acting, time on The Walking Dead, along with his latest Horror release, Live-Evil, featuring supernatural forces invading a small town and co-starring the iconic Tony Todd. – Before getting cast in The Walking Dead, you already had a strong background in various activities, including basketball, dance, and modeling. What drew you into acting after all of your other accomplishments?

Vincent M. Ward – I didn’t pick acting, acting picked me, or I kind of fell into it by going to watch a play back in Columbus, Ohio. I had never seen a play, but when I walked out that thirty seat theater I had fallen in love and knew I could do that. – You definitely seem to have a natural talent in many areas. Who have been some of your influences?

Vincent M. Ward –  My family influences me. I have eight grand kids that I want to leave something for when I die.

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Buena Vista Pictures – Now, when you joined The Walking Dead as Oscar, most of your fellow cast members had already been working together for a while. Did you feel welcome as a new addition within the group?

Vincent M. Ward –  I didn’t know what the show was about, nor did I know who was who, but they definitely made all of us feel welcomed. No egos, no drama, just work.

Oscar (Vincent Ward) - The Walking Dead_Season 3, Episode 2_"Sick" - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Oscar (Vincent M. Ward) – The Walking Dead_Season 3, Episode 2_”Sick” – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC – That is definitely nice to hear. Considering that most of the show is filmed outside with a lot of action scenes, what challenges did you come up against?

Vincent M. Ward –  My prison shoes and the sun. You can put padding in the shoes, but the sun is undefeated no matter how much water you drink or try to stay in the shade. – Although your character left within the same season he was introduced, fans continue to show you a lot of love at conventions and through social media. Did it seem like a whirlwind after The Walking Dead ended for you?

Vincent M. Ward –  It did because, again, I never knew anything about the show and its following. I never realized how popular it was until my Twitter following started to grow.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Oscar (Vincent Ward) - The Walking Dead_Season 3, Episode 2_"Sick" - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Oscar (Vincent M. Ward) – The Walking Dead_Season 3, Episode 2_”Sick” – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC – On to your newest release, Live-Evil, which may be Ari Kirschenbaum’s most ambitious project to date. What about the film initially appealed to you?

Vincent M. Ward –  It was another chance to work in the Horror genre. I always wanted to meet Tony Todd, and now I see him all the time at the Horror conventions. – Live-Evil definitely has a creepy atmosphere while maintaining a humorous and artistic vibe, making it a fun ride for Horror fans. What was it like on the set while filming?

Vincent M. Ward –  Total opposite of The Walking Dead because it was freaking freezing in North Carolina at that time. I almost froze to death, even though I’m from Ohio and know about cold. I’ve been living in L.A. going on sixteen years, so my blood has changed (laughs). I had a good time filming the movie, and you notice different things about the movie once you watch it, compared to when you’re actually filming it.

Vincent Ward in Live-Evil
Vincent M. Ward in Live-Evil – The film features a strong cast of actors. What was the experience like working with the likes of those such as veteran Tony Todd?

Vincent M. Ward –  Well you always keep it professional and, remember, I’ve been in this business for a while and worked with some A-list people in this industry. I was honored and excited, but then it’s time to put in work. It’s also cool when the people you work with are a fan of your work as well.

liveevilposter – Right, one can imagine so. Are there any upcoming projects you would  like fans to know about?

Vincent M. Ward –  I have few things coming out…Lost in the Pacific was just released a couple days ago, only in Asia for right now. A Zombie movie called 2016, A Message from A Mistress, Illicit and The Choir Director. I’ve started writing my own projects with some friends…3 Brothers, The Saint, Gravity Hill, and Just Business. Also, travel/cooking/reality shows such as Ballen on a Budget, American Chefs, Conventioning and a few others. Get ready to see my face in a few places! – That is something exciting to look forward to. My last question for you pertains to movies. As you maybe aware of, covers both music and Horror films. If you are a fan of Horror films, what are some of your favorites?

Vincent M. Ward –  I’m more of an old school Horror fan… Friday the 13th (1980), Halloween (1978), and The Exorcist (1973). Growing up, I was a basketball star, but I only had Horror posters in my room. It’s super cool to become friends with some of these iconic characters I loved growing up.

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