Interviews: Macabre Faire Film Festival Red Carpet premiere

Kicking off 2015 on a high note, Long Island, New York was host to the eighth overall Macabre Faire Film Festival. Begun back in 2012 by the folks over at TwitchTwitch Productions, the festival has grown by leaps and bounds in a short span. With a concentrate in highlighting independent filmmakers and actors with inventive originals idea featuring dark elements ranging from Horror to Sci-Fi, to Drama, and Comedy, the festival is a well-rounded culmination of the arts. On Friday January 16th the festival commenced a weekend long event in association with the NY Horror Show, which would including film viewings, celebrity guest appearances, and an extensive vending area. As an invite only special event, the Red Carpet premiere and award ceremony saw an array of filmmakers, as well as actors, come out to support their work. Along with some special celebrity guests on hand for the evening including Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist 1973), Robert Mukes (House of 1,000 Corpses 2003), Warrington Gillette (Friday the 13th Part II 1981), Elizabeth Shepherd (The Tomb of Ligeia 1964), Lesleh Donaldson (Happy Birthday to Me 1981), Jim Krut (Dawn of the Dead 1978), and many others, the night was a first-class event of the highest order. More than merely a casual jeans and t-shirt time of evening, all guests and award nominees came with an elate attitude, dressed as if it were the Grammy Awards. During the course of the night we had the chance to speak with crop of talented creators, along with judges, as they walked down the Red Carpet. Watch the interviews below:


Nicola Oliva & John Sheehan of Doll Collector:

Kelly Rae LeGault of Painkiller:

Ian Donnelly of Fallen & Tony Gibbons of The Copy-Writer:

Emma Houghton & Christopher White of I Fall Down:

Creators of Blood Empires:

Scott W. Perry of In Fear Of:

Shay Cully Macabre Faire Film Festival judge:

Stay tuned for part two of Macabre Faire Film Festival Red Carpet premiere interviews.


Learn more about the films associated with the interviewees:

Doll Collector
The Copy-Writer
I Fall Down
In Fear Of

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