iRideSense celebrate New Music The Space at Westbury, NY 6-13-15

Long Island, New York’s Rock scene has always been booming with talented bands for some time now. One of those to establish themselves in the area have been Power Pop four-piece iRideSense. Formed back in 1993, the band consist of Guitarist Rob Viccari, Drummer Rich Drouin, and at the core, brother/sister combo, Tara Eberle-Drouin, along with Vocalist/Guitarist Rick Eberle. With credits to their name including having their music appear on Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101 and MTV shows such as Pimp My Ride as well as Room Raiders, iRideSense show they have the longevity others on the scene only have dreamed of. Debuting with their album Cool Dream Tomorrow in 1997, they followed with two more records, but last released material back in 2013 with the Secret Constellation EP.

Now two years later, they return with their newest offering, three-track EP, Thought Parade. Celebrating their latest efforts with support from fans, friends, and family, they made a appearance on Saturday June 13th at The Space at Westbury, making the night their CD release party. Dubbed “Music Made on Long Island,” a lineup of other local acts including Nonstop to Cairo, Funkin’ A, Sofus, Memphis Crawl, and Vinyl Planes joined iRideSense as part of the showcase on the main stage of the beautiful venue.

Taking to the stage around 9 PM, a generous crowd gathered in anticipation to see iRideSense perform new music. Coming out full of energy and enthusiasm, they kicked the set off with brand new cut “The Line.” Having the crowd bopping their heads and engaged in the music, they followed with 2013’s “Voice of Reason,” another track filled with melodic and heavy guitars behind Tara’s powerful voice. Taking it back to their 2008 album, A Trip Called Life, “Faster” ignited a deeper groove with a slower tempo as Rick took over on lead vocals. Complemented by the backing vocals of Tara, the duo were on point and delivering tightly as Viccari let loose on lead guitar. Bringing the tempo back up once again with the exciting “Life,” iRideSense had everyone moving on the floor. Smiling and ecstatic to be performing, they continued with new songs titled “My Revelation” and “Mind Control Society,” before the unbelievable catchy “Got it Good.”

While their set seemed to fly by quickly, iRideSense gave everything they had to bringing a fun-loving vibe to The Space at Westbury. Offering the new tracks off Thought Parade proved to be a success as their songwriting is as potent as ever. While their sound is absolutely Pop oriented in style, it is full of substance, lyrically driving home a message that they have been striving to do as songwriters now for over two decades. Showing the ability to stand tall all this time solidifies the band as legitimate musicians whom are out to create music for music sake and satisfy their inner desires as a creative force. Be sure to check out their new music and be on the look out for their live performances around the Long Island area.

Photo credit: Joe Parisi 

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