It Dies Today send shock waves through Revolution Music Hall Amityville, NY 9-12-14

It Dies Today send shock waves through Revolution Music Hall Amityville, NY 9-12-14

Two-thousand and fourteen has been filled with milestones for a slew of bands which were once newcomers to the Rock and Metal scene.  One of the many celebrations to hit the touring circuit is Buffalo, NY Metalcore leaders It Dies Today.  Formed back in 2001, this year marks the ten year anniversary of their powerful debut album The Caitiff Choir released via Trustkill Records.  Quickly rising to one of the most popular Metalcore acts of the early 2000s with a spot on Ozzfest in 2005, they are now three records deep into their career.  After a five year absence, original vocalist Nicholas Brooks rejoined the band in 2012 stimulating a buzz around It Dies Today, which is as strong as ever.  Older, more mature, yet still charged to rip up stages, what better way to keep that momentum flowing than a tour honoring the album which started it all.  Finding themselves in Amityville, NY on Friday September 12th to play Revolution Bar & Music Hall, they were ready to unleash their fury to an amped up audience.

With a list of local supporting acts to get things going by the names of Give Up the Goods, Diamond Cutter, and If He Dies, Revolution was already rattling with heavy Hardcore sounds that could be heard from the street.  That is when Rhode Island’s Scare Don’t Fear came onto the stage.  With a duel vocal attack of Chris Jungles and Frankie Screamz, the backbone of this band is guitarist Joe Auger, synthesizers Larry Ohh, bassist Ryan Grandmaison, and drummer Jeffrey Braunreuther.  Spending the summer on Vans Warped Tour, Scare Don’t Fear has been getting some attention with a hybrid of raw Hip Hop vocals and Metal guitars.  Performing songs off their debut album From The Ground Up including the track “City Of Skeletons,” this band brought a unique energetic groove to the stage with well-written songs.  The audience responded extremely well; moving about the pit and dancing to each tune, assuring Scare Don’t Fear are one up and coming act to look out for.

Next up was long-time Long Island favorite’s Bela Kiss.  Together for a decade now, the band has earned the respect of others in the local scene and has become one to look up to for many.  Announcing this would in fact be their final show together as a band was a somber note, but guitarist Tim Arnold, vocalist Nick Prainito, guitarist Kyle Cadolino, bassist Sean Ryan, and drummer Mike Furey were ready to go out with a bang.  Giving their large following everything they had with songs like “Mosaic Mess,” “Mercy Between The Fronts,” “Sleep, Fear and What Lies Between,” and “Boy, I Owe You One;”  Bela Kiss had everyone moving around the floor and it was a wonderful send off to a band which has given their fans so much over the years.

The wait was finally over and guests of honor It Dies Today were ready to grace the stage of the Revolution.  Kicking off with opening track off The Caitiff Choir, “My Promise,” guitarists Chris Cappelli and Mike Hatalak, along with bassist Steve Lemke, had fire running through their veins as they bounced around and Brooks dominated vocally.  Playing the record in its entirety, the fan favorites such as “Severed Ties Yield Severed Heads” and “The Depravity Waltz,” which had the floor break out into one of the biggest pits this venue has ever seen.  Taking the time to thank the audience for support, Brooks reflected on the past stating it had been many years since they came through to Long Island and how good it felt to be back.

Moving along at an accelerated pace, the crowd screamed as they went into “A Threnody for Modern Romance” and Nicholas Mirusso lit up his drum kit with authority.  Provoked to sing along, the floor saw people in frenzy when “Marigold,” “Freak Gasoline Fight Accident,” and “The Caitiff Choir: Revelations” came shortly thereafter.  The mix of Brooks’ clean and harsh vocals was as electrifying as the day the album was recorded and all Long Islanders could think about was how glad they are he is back as a part of It Dies Today.  As the evening wore down with “Naenia” and “The Caitiff Choir: Defeatism,” there was no let down from the band as well as the audience as everyone was dripping with sweat and enjoying every moment of the performance.

It Dies Today showed why their reign of dominance still holds strong after all these years.  Performing many songs which have seldom been played live, or if at all, inspired this audience and gave them a wonderful retrospective into the band’s history.  It Dies Today are currently working on some new material which marks the band’s first recordings with Brooks since 2006’s Sirens.  Enthusiastic for the future of the band, many hope next time It Dies Today comes around to Long Island, it will be much sooner.



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