Jack White – Fear of the Dawn (Album Review)

Don’t look now, but last Jack White released a solo album was in 2018 with Boarding House Reach. Now he getting back into the saddle after a four-year hiatus, and that warrants a deafening Attaboy! The enthusiastic chant is infectious as one gazes across the velvety blue expanse of shimmering water at the spectacular view of White jubilantly breaching for the stars with his latest meta-album, Fear of the Dawn.

Released on April 8, 2022 through White’s own Third Man Records, it consists of 12 unique studio tracks which were recorded throughout 2021 and finally compiled into this collection. Marking White’s fourth solo album to date, it proceeds what will be his fifth studio album, Entering Heaven Alive, due out on July 22, 2022. 

With that in mind, Fear of the Dawn is almost forty minutes long and also contains the three singles “Taking Me Back,” “Hi-De-Ho” featuring A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip, along with “What’s the Trick?,” a surprise release the day prior to the album dropping. So let’s start from that lead single and opening track, “Taking Me Back.” Originally released in the fall of last year, it really sets the tone for the rest of the record. In fact, your ears will immediately perk up and take notice after the first booming melodic notes. The exhilarating fantastical threads of the melodies intertwine like the fine silk threads of a web catching the lyrics on its sticky surface. Then the music quickly rises and crests like an ocean wave and abruptly pauses only to resume its cyclical path of melodies. 

From here the album takes off in a big way. Inventive throughout, is easy to see White has his finger on the pulse of technology with his interesting cutoffs that match well with some interesting guitar work. Just to name a few, standout moments include the title-track, the obscure “Eosophobia,” and colorful “Into the Twilight.” All very bold tunes, each contain nifty arrangements with synthesizer that feel like a hammer pounding on the brain. 

So with all these aspects discussed, you might ask what makes Fear of The Dawn so unique? Simple, it releases a raw power with hair raising intense vibes. Furthermore, each song is an experiment with rhythms, timbre, bizarre tones and dominant melodies that are cut and pasted together to produce electrifying sounds. Furthermore, beyond the music, the album incorporates an augmented reality mobile app, making it the ultimate interactive sonic experience. 

It is true White has a natural flair for the theatrical with all his projects, but Fear of the Dawn could be one of his most ambitious projects to date. His music has an unforgettable edge and, at times, otherworldly qualities. Continually tapping into the boundless well of creativity while raising the bar to be at the top of his game, Cryptic Rock gives Fear of The Dawn 5 out of 5 and look forward to Entering Heaven Alive come July. 

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