Jason Lancaster – Say I’m What You Want (EP Review)

If you are a fan of Mayday Parade’s early days, then get ready because former Co-Vocalist/Guitarist Jason Lancaster is set to release a new EP on Friday, December 11, 2020 via We Are Triumphant/The Orchard. Entitled Say I’m What You Want, it is his first solo release since his debut album As We Are in 2014.

Looking back, Lancaster began his music career some fifteen years ago with Tallahassee based Mayday Parade. After his departure from the band in 2007, due to personal reasons, he realized music was a part of his life regardless. As a result Lancaster soon back the voice of Go Radio, and lead strong until 2012. Finally, in 2014, he released his the aforementioned As We Are before 2017’s Worship album, All the Things That Lead Us Home, under the name Lncstr. 

Laying low since, spending time with family and continuing to write songs, he now returns with six new tracks that make up Say I’m What You Want. Supporting his new music, Mayday Parade drummer and good friend, Jake Bundrick, accompanies Lancaster on drums for “Good Things Only Happen If You’re Good.” An exciting collaboration, Bundrick’s style of playing brings back that kick ass Mayday Parade sound, making the track a really good introduction for the EP. 

That in mind, Say I’m What You Want can be described as a love letter or maybe even a love story. All the songs are about a girl, or perhaps a relationship, one that has been a great life changer for Lancaster. It is a feeling that he wants to last, as he describes in the opening, “slow down, we’ve got forever if you want to take your time, let’s take our time,” and in this case, he and his wife do have forever.

Some of the tracks, specifically the heavily discussed “Good Things Only Happen If You’re Good,” “Say I’m What You Want,” along with “Sleepless in Orlando” send you back to Lancaster’s Pop Punk roots, with upbeat drums and guitars. This is while, “If I Die I Love You,” “In That Moment We Were Infinite” and “Missing You Comes in Waves (Tonight I’m Drowning)” take a softer, but sweet tone. Much like his previous solo work, Lancaster uses a lot of melodic keys, which flow perfectly with his voice as he deep lyrics straight from the heart. 

Overall, Jason Lancaster has come a long way in his music career, from being a part of two major bands, releasing a solo album, a Worship album, and now this new EP. However, the Pop Punk ecstatic and Lancaster’s amazing songwriting skills are still the same, perfect. While others may have a different opinion on this EP, Cryptic Rock gives Say I’m What You Want 5 out of 5 stars. 

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