Jim Breuer Tears Up The Paramount Huntington, NY 2-13-16

Jim Breuer Tears Up The Paramount Huntington, NY 2-13-16

New York born and raised Stand-up Comedian Jim Breuer has been honing his skills for over two decades now, a craft which has earned him notoriety as one of the most recognized in the business. Developing a passion for making people laugh as a teenager, Breuer spent years working the New York Comedy circuit before getting his big break in 1995 to join NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Spending three years a part of the regular cast of the popular television series, Breuer’s journey was only beginning a he soon went on to star in films including 1998’s Half Baked, 1999’s Dick, and 2006’s Beer League, among many others. Of course, like any good Comedian, Breuer has a signature style and delivery which stands out above the rest. Sincerely likeable, in-tune with his audience, and possessing a love for Hard Rock/Metal, Breuer has harnessed his traits into all his work ranging from television, radio, film, and of course, stand-up sets.

Now a veteran, Breuer is still finding new ways to expand his resume, including hosting his own podcast entitled “The Metal in Me” and even recently signed a worldwide deal with well-respected label Metal Blade Records. One could go as far as saying all these years later, after already accomplishing so much, Breuer is just hitting his stride as he returns to the road in 2016 for his Marriage Warrior Tour. No stranger to national touring, the latest run kicked off January 7th and will find Breuer playing a list of shows each month through May, along with scattered gigs through October. With that in mind, perhaps the boldest dates on the Marriage Warioe Tour are those which were held on Saturday February 13th and Sunday the 14th at The Paramount in Huntington, New York. As a Long Island native, Breuer has never hidden such facts, often speaking of them in his sets, thus relating heavily with his hometown fans. Furthermore, Breuer loves to come home, and for his latest visit back on Long Island, he would perform an impressive four shows in the 48 hours at The Paramount; 5 PM, 7:30 PM, and 10 PM show on Saturday, and 7:30 PM on Sunday. Essentially selling out each gig, fans of all ages braved the arctic temperatures on Valentine’s Day Eve to see Breuer live in action.

Presented by local Rock station WBAB 102.3 FM, the opening act for the set, that kicked off around 8 PM, was Rich Aronovitch. A young and up-and-coming Comic, Aronovitch has been nominated for the LA Comedy Awards “Breakout Comic of The Year” and won the Las Vegas Film Festival’s “Silver Ace Award” for his film Waiting To Stand-Up. In addition, he has also hosted several episodes of the Morning Show on Playboy TV and Last Comic Standing on NBC. Friendly with Breuer, having been a regular guest on Friday’s with Jim Breuer on Sirius XM Raw Dog Channel, it seemed fitting he would be getting the show going at The Paramount.

Coming out loose and relaxed, Aronovitch quickly grabbed the audience’s attention as he introduced himself. Playing off his looks and ethnic background, culture became a focal point of his performance. Playfully speaking about race and cultural differences, Aronovitch had many laughing about his observations and expressive personality as he reenacted several accents. Segueing smoothly from topic to topic, Aronovitch won over more people as his set moved along. Winding down, it seemed he was on a role as he perfectly reacted to a spectator who arrived at the end of his performance to ignite laughter from all. Pulling no punches, his set was far from politically correct, and that is exactly the way Comedy should be. For more on Aronovitch, visit his website richisfunny.com.

Moving right along, JP from WBAB’s Roger & JP show walked out to introduce Breuer to a sea of applause. Breuer, animated from the get-go, appeared pumped up to be on The Paramount stage and immediately spoke about the new found success of the New York Mets. Breuer, a lifelong Mets fan, like most of their fanbase, is rightfully ecstatic of the promising future of the team with their young, lights-out pitching staff. Going into the difference between a Mets and Yankees fan, Breuer had fans of both team’s followers laughing at the observations. Sticking with the local theme, Breuer moved into what life in Long Island suburbia is like. Right down to the typical Long Islander accent, Breuer nailed it with situations nearly everyone could relate to, including neighbors who think they own the street.

Keeping the mood extremely fun and relaxed, he was all smiles, filling the moments of silence in between with his unmistakable laugh. A sense of comfort for the audience, the Breuer chuckle is as much of his persona as the jokes he tells. Now a married man of twenty-three years, Breuer also is the father of three daughters, two of which are teenagers. A well-noted difficult age to deal with, the Breuer household is not immune to the drama that comes along with teenage life, as he made it clear speaking of his daughters. Going into his personal experience of teenagers’ addiction to their cellphones, to the reactions they express when those phones are taken away, Breuer’s vocal inflection and facial expressions played up the stories to new heights that had everyone continuously laughing. Not letting up, Breuer was on a roll as he kept on the topic of teenage girls, their emotional ups and downs, as well as the difference between them and awkward teenage boys. Putting his body into his performance all set long, this segment was perhaps one of the most vivid emulation of goofy teenage boys playing lacrosse as Breuer reenacted the movement, practically having everyone in tears.

Giving everyone a moment to catch their breath from laughing so hard, Breuer went on to speak about his early years in Comedy. Here, he spoke of being only seventeen, not old enough to perform in Comedy clubs just yet, so he was given a chance by February’s Rock club in Elmont, New York. Talking about his love for Hard Rock and Metal music even more, Breuer recalled how cool he thought he was at the time with his Judas Priest artwork jean jacket. He rattled off some of his favorite bands including Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, old Van Halen, old Mötley Crüe, but definitely not Bon Jovi. Puzzling everyone why he strongly disliked Bon Jovi’s music, the answer was revealed later on at the end of the show, and those interested will just have to get out and see the show for themselves.

Talking more about his love for Metal, Breuer recalled living in an upstairs apartment in 2003 and receiving an unexpected call from Metallica’s own James Hetfield to be part of MTV’s MTV ICON special. Retelling the exchange with an impression of Hetfield’s voice, Breuer kept the laughs coming from The Paramount crowd. The compelling story had everyone’s attention as he spoke about his experience trying to find the private jet in New Jersey that MTV asked him to take in order to get out to California the very next day. One would think the fun would stop here for Breuer, but an unexpected second passenger would arrive to board this jet as well, that would be the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne. Completely star-struck that he was on a private jet with Ozzy, Breuer retold his experience perfectly. Right down to reenactment of all the heavy jewelry draped around Ozzy’s neck knocking together and his impersonation of the Metal god’s voice, Breuer had the audience feeling as if they were there for the hilarious encounter. Tying everything together, Breuer stated who would have thought the musicians he grew up loving would  ones he spoke with someday.

Closing out his set, Breuer spoke of his less than lucky times with women when younger, and the one girl who actually claimed to dig him, only to break his heart. While it may sound somber in print, not to worry, Breuer’s telling of the tale was rather amusing and everyone finally found out why he really does not like Bon Jovi. Upon the conclusion of the performance, the crowd was in for an extra special treat as Breuer spoke about his upcoming debut album via Metal Blade Records due out later this Spring. The album will be Breuer’s first official musical recorded endeavor, and he admitted some may think it is a joke, but they will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. With all that said, the treat came when he informed  the audience his band, The Regulators, would be coming out on stage to film a music video for his first single, “Old School,” and they would all get to be a part of it. A very cool way to end the night,  the song rocked hard and everyone exited The Paramount thoroughly impressed with Breuer’s catchy Metal anthem which paid homage to all the classic artists he grew up with.

All in all, Jim Breuer is one hell of an entertainer. His ability to tell stories of his life sucks the audience in and keeps coming at them with laughs until the end. Be sure to catch his podcast, look out for future tour dates, and prepare for his upcoming album that is sure to turn a lot of heads.

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