Jimmy Eat World melts hearts The Space at Westbury, NY 10-20-14

Arizona-based Alternative Rock band Jimmy Eat World celebrated the tenth anniversary of their fourth album, Futures, on Monday, October 20th at The Space in Westbury, NY. The Futures album has resonated with thousands of people over the years, with many coming out to hear the material live and reflecting on good memories of their past. Packing the classy venue with fans of all ages, Jimmy Eat World brought flare, along with supporting act, Minibosses, to spice up what was set to be an amazing show.

Adding comradery to the evening, Arizona residents Minibosses are also longtime friends of Jimmy Eat World. Known for their love of classic video games, they performed a set full of soundtrack tunes, as well as fun game melodies from Super Mario Bros and Final Fantasy. Giving everyone flashbacks, they played themes from cartoon shows such as Duck Tales and The Goonies II (1987) video game.  Mixing in some more fantastical fun, they even played a rendition of pop hit, “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor and the classic Billy Joel hit, “Movin’ Out.” Minibosses knew how to give a nostalgic dose of energy to the audience and did it with a sense only those who grew ’80s kids could perfect.

Starting simply as a dream in Mesa, AZ, Jimmy Eat World aspired to play music that was based on how they felt and they have succeeded doing so over their twenty-one year existence. Their music is not just relevant to what they have been through, but what their fans have been through as well. Welcomed to the stage with an enthusiastic roar from the crowd, the band immediately started by opening with title-track, “Futures.”  Front man Jim Atkins has always been known as a man of energy on stage, swinging his guitar back and forth, but also as a man of few words as well.  Living up to his reputation, Atkins was stellar as he dripped sheer emotion, playing through Futures from front to back in its entirety. Conveying thanks and appreciation, Atkins spoke of how Futures was a simple record that he hoped would become important to listeners at the time. In his hopes, he never fathomed it would become the important record it is to a full generation of kids, from Middle School to college. Playing everyone’s favorite tunes off of the album, including hits “Pain,” “Work,” and “23,” upon the completion of the Futures set, fans hoped for more.  Showing the band had a few more trick up their sleeves for this special evening, they returned for an encore with songs like “Over,” “Closer,” and “Disintegration.” Staying true to a unique set of carefully picked songs, they also sprinkled in “Lucky Denver Mint,” reminding long-time fans how extensive the band’s career has been on the road and creating music together.  As their second encore and finale, they played some of their best songs off of their 2001 album, Bleed American.  Allowing moments for fans to mosh as well, the already amazing night was wrapped up with one of their most recognized song, “The Middle.”

The fact that Jimmy Eat World performed two encores shows how strong they are as a band and how much music they have to offer, as they celebrated the album which gave the band notoriety, along with as a place on the musical map. In the hearts of many, Jimmy Eat World is an essential part of Emo culture of the early 2000s.  The best apart of it all is Jimmy Eat World proves time and time again that they are not simply an Emo band, but are in fact one that speaks to youth of the 21st century.  For a band who appears very reserved on the surfaces, they certainly know how to make an impression on a generation, and this was a concert no one will ever forget.


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