Imagine by john lennon.

Imagine by john lennon.

John Lennon 33 Year Memorial 12-8-13



Time is a measurement which we often can never understand. In time we find inspiration, love, and happiness. With that, time passes at accelerated rates we never will be able to keep pace with. Back in 1980 on December 8th the world lost one of its greatest songwriters in John Lennon. Tragically murdered outside his home in NYC by Mark David Chapman; the death of Lennon struck his fans and the world itself by major shock and despair. Each year after his passing many gather at Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park to pay tribute to Lennon. A lot has happened in the time since Lennon’s death and one can’t help but wonder would he be happy with the direction our society has gone? On a more musical note, what would have happened if Lennon were not murdered? Would The Beatles have gotten back together? Where would Lennon’s music have gone next? There are so many questions you could ask but sadly never have an answer.

Beatles For  Sales (1964) Parlophone (UK)
Beatles For Sale (1964)/ Parlophone (UK)
Let  It Be (1970) Apple
Let It Be (1970) / Apple

John Lennon is most recognized for being a Beatles. The Beatles were and still are arguably the biggest rock n roll band in the universe. In a decade span, the Fab Four ignited pandemonium among the youth of the world. Their music can still be heard everywhere you turn today and are the best selling in history. Lennon was a major player in the success of The Beatles, writing and co-writing the majority of the band’s music. His song writing grew from simple love songs in early years to thought provoking deeper tracks later on. By the time Lennon began his solo career he was one of the most beloved, controversial, and influential figures in all of rock n roll. From his peace activism to his abnormal antics, Lennon was the topic of conversation through the 1970’s. Many may ask now what was he thinking, but if you take a closer look into the man behind the words and music you may come to the conclusion the man knew exactly what he was doing and saying. Lennon was not a perfect man, in fact he had many flaws which he openly admitted, but he was an honest man. He knew exactly what he wanted from life after all his years of search and he understood how fragile and beautiful life was. It’s easy to say being a peace loving activist is a cop out, but Lennon possessed more than meets the eye. He was just a man finding his way like all of us. He knew he made mistakes and only wanted to make the most of his time on planet earth. He did not censor his thoughts when transferred into spoken words to make others happy. In his liberal minded way Lennon was trying to convey to us a simple message; a message of love, understanding, and respect.  This was more than a politic message but an ideology of free thought and ability to express those thoughts honestly.  Although his time was cut short right at the height of his tranquility within himself his impression is infinite. Now 33 years later his musical influence is reached generations of musicians. If you speak to many bands dating from the 70’s up until younger bands today often they will cite John Lennon as their biggest influence. Whether your 70 years old or 7 years old his voice has impacted us all.

Imagine (1971) Apple
Imagine (1971) / Apple
Mind Games (1973) Apple
Mind Games (1973) / Apple

In times where we are just as uncertain as we were from the moment we were born onto this earth it’s nice to know we have the music of John Lennon to turn to for an exile from it all. He was no savior, he was not curing diseases, but he was the voice within many of us screaming for change. Whether it is the simple message of “All You Need Is Love” or the heavy message of “Mind Games” it all lends us the same positive message. Perhaps that message has made some difference in the world of rock n roll and beyond more than we will ever know.

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