Kat Von D – Love Made Me Do It (Album Review)

Kat Von D – Love Made Me Do It (Album Review)

Kat Von D is a name everyone has heard. Known for her exceptional tattoo skills—which were showcased on the reality TV series LA Ink—as well as a hit makeup line, some fabulous shoes, and a whole host of other ventures, Von D is a busy creative and entrepreneur.

Fans who followed the TV series, and have paid close attention to her career, are likely to have taken note when she began taking vocal lessons. So it’s no surprise that Von D is making music! Though she has been featured on other artists’ tracks before, such as The 69 Eyes’ “Rosary Blue” and Prayers’ “Black Leather,” she has finally created something that is entirely her own. Her debut album, Love Made Me Do It, is set to arrive on August 27, 2021, thanks to KVD and Kartel Music Group.

Working alongside several fellow musicians, Von D used her time in lockdown to write and record music. The outcome is the 12-track collection, a beautifully dark and personal journey into the artist’s soul. Of course, fans have already become acquainted with several of the album’s tracks—“Fear You,” “Exorcism,” “Enough,” and “I Am Nothing”—thanks to a series of videos shot and released as a countdown to the LP release.

But how do these pre-releases integrate into the full narrative of Love Made Me Do It? It’s a story that opens with “Vanish Intro,” an introduction that slowly increases the volume on its Electronic music before smoothly merging into the full “Vanish”. So begins the tale, as with a lovely deep voice, Von D guides you through this collection of her heartaches and heartbreaks; universal themes to which we can all relate.

Absolutely catchy, “Exorcism” will not only get stuck in your head, but will also get everyone moving along. The same can be said for “Fear You” and “Lost at Sea”, although the latter has a touch of despair. Then, between “Lost at Sea” and “Pretending,” there is an interlude lasting for four minutes filled with Electronica that doesn’t belong or relate to either of the two songs, giving the listener’s mind a break to process.

Which is helpful, as all of the songs convey strong emotions through their vocals, as well as within their arrangements. In this, the listener can feel the songs even when he is not actively listening. But Love Made Me Do It is not meant to be mere background noise. As mentioned, all of its lyrics come with a great depth that is definitely worth listening to closely, while the catchy arrangements make it easy to keep focused on the accompanying music. Take, for instance, “Protected,” a stunning collaboration with the band Bauhaus.

In short, Love Made Me Do It is a wonderful album and Kat Von D is a wonderful singer, as well. Dark yet filled with passion and hope, the album is full of moving lyrics coupled with catchy arrangements that are guaranteed to remain on your playlist for quite some time. So if you can listen without bias and with an open heart, you are apt to be pleasantly surprised by everything Love Made Me Do It has to offer. For this, Cryptic Rock gives the album 5 out of 5 stars.


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