Killer Unicorn (Movie Review)

Legendary and majestic in nature, the unicorn has long been revered as a symbol of virtues like beauty, freedom, courage, joy, healing, and purity. So much so, in fact, that King Robert officially adopted it as Scotland’s national animal in the late 14th Century, though it had been appearing in official seals and coat of arms as early as the 12th Century.

If this is how one wishes to continue to see and remember this beautiful creature, then go ahead and hop off that high horse, or unicorn, and get ready to party with the inverse of everything you love about the horned-beast, as a mysterious murderer squares off against the fiercest faction of Brooklyn Drag Queens. No worries though, because the party won’t stop with these girls… even after the bodies start to drop.

Killer Unicorn still.

These thoughts in mind, Killer Unicorn is the propitious and fresh Horror/Comedy/Slasher flick that received its initial theatrical release in New York City, Houston, and Los Angeles on Friday, June 14th, with more showings in other cities soon to follow. Additionally, it is set for release on DVD and Digital platforms on Tuesday, July 9th via Indican Pictures. A delightfully disturbing display, it marks the debut feature from Writer Jose D. Alvarez and Director Drew Bolton in association with Mattioli Productions. Beyond the veil of humor and horror though, lies a deeper and more relatable message to the LGBTQ community about the disrespect and injustices they commonly face.

That being said, Killer Unicorn stars quite the omnium-gatherum of fervently flamboyant characters and stars such as, former party boy, Danny, played by Alejandro La Rosa (Mid to Late 2018, The Bold and the Spicy: An Apology 2017); a hardcore, raspy, Phyllis Diller type (had she ever hit a Goth phase) named Madame Mortimer, played by Makus Kelle (Hurricane Bianca 2016, The Mysteries of Laura TV series 2014); a drug-crazed drag hag that goes by the name Coke, played by Monica Garcia-Bradley (Guys at Parties Like It TBA, Chasing Cane: At What Cost); and the sweet and lovable Puppypup played by Writer José D. Álvarez (Guys at Parties Like It, Tumble Dry 2018).

It also includes a wealth of film-debuting talent (and Queens) like the Unicorn Killer played by Dennis Budesheim; the always colorful Cholata played by Matty Horrorchata; a long-haired cutie always lookin’ for some booty, Gayson, played by Grayson Squire; crazy-cool Collin, played by Lroyce Jata; a catty and foul-mouthed Horse Foo played by Ruby Roo; the luscious Lady Havokk playing herself; the igniting Isis Vermouth as the Party Host; and the magnificent Merrie Cherrie playing themselves.

Killer Unicorn still.

Aside from its fun and fabulous cast, Killer Unicorn also has an arousing unfolding of events that could really only be described as magical. The story focuses on this fearless yet frightful group of Drag Queens who are known for hosting the most weird and wonderful parties in Brooklyn, and which are mysteriously being slain by a sexy male stripper version of Michael Myers – except he has traded out the jumpsuit for some sparkly, pink short-shorts, and the William Shatner mask for a unicorn head with a long, flowy, rainbow mane and even a slightly less phallic-looking horn than one might have imagined it would be. In addition to referencing the infamous 1978 classic Halloween, it also incorporated elements from other well-known Slasher films like 1996’s Scream and 1997’s I Know What You Did Last Summer. 

All these factors laid out, there are a plethora of pleasures in Killer Unicorn, ranging from its cinematography to its special effects; and regardless of the exaggerated characters and shallow dialogue often seen in some of the cheesier Horror flicks, everything just worked really well in this one. Drag Queens are known for being highly theatrical and over-the-top individuals anyways, so to use those traits in the given context, it is performance perfection. It is also amusingly brilliant to see how those particular traits actually become the Achilles Heel of some of these memorable madams.

This might not be the movie you would watch with their mother though, no matter how open-minded she may be. Just a bit of fair warning, as there is a bit of nudity, fetishism, graphic content, strong sexual content, and horrifically fucked-up kill sequences; but that should certainly not dissuade anyone from checking out this cult classic in the making. When gloryholes are turned into a killer’s version of Whack-A-Mole, viewers know they have real gold on [or in] their hands.

Killer Unicorn still.

A great way to celebrate Pride month, Killer Unicorn energetically enthralls you with the excitement of creative killings, gag-worthy gore, as well as the razzle dazzle of a fantastical and sexy beast of a killer. Which is why Cryptic Rock gives it 4 out of 5 stars.

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