Kingdom Come (Movie Review)

Kingdom Come is the latest Horror movie to be released by Accent Film Entertainment (Australia) and Uncork’d Entertainment (USA) on November 30th 2014. Written by Geoff Hart (The Devil in Me 2012, Unearthly 2013), A. Jaye Williams (Unearthly 2013, Tapped Out 2014), and Greg A. Sayer (Willful Entrapment 2009, The Devil in Me 2012) who also directed, Kingdom Come tells the story of several people who wake up in an abandoned hospital, with no knowledge or memory of how they got there. Sam (Ry Barrett: Desperate Souls 2005, Antisocial 2013) is one of those, who wander around alone until he meets Nurse Jessica (Camille Hollett-French: I Mend with you 2014, Fin 2014). Soon thereafter, there is a group of them that includes young Celia (Ellie O’Brien: Doors Open 2012, Ascension 2014), Victoria (Chelsey Marie: Unhappy Happy 2013, Pete Winning and the Pirates 2013), Roger (Jo Jo Karume: Black Eve 2010, Surviving Evil 2013), Nadir (Soroush Saeidi: The Order of Things 2012, Eliminator: Vol 1 2014), Charles (William Foley: Fool’s Gold 2008, Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case 2013), Rachel (Katie Uhlmann:  Archon Defender 2009, Katie Chats 2011), and Daniel (Jason Martorino: Posthuman 2010, The Secret Lives of Lovers 2014) who band together in an attempt to figure out what is going on and how they find a way out.

Still from Kingdom Come
Still from Kingdom Come

The group stays together for a while, but Victoria is the first one to leave the group for a bathroom break but never returns. Sam, Jess, Nadir and Roger go looking for her, leaving Rachel, Charles, Daniel and Celia together. Sam and the others do not find any trace of Victoria, who met her fate in the bathroom. They rejoin the other group and relations between Nadir and Roger escalate, separating them from each other and the rest. When each of them are alone they have the occasional flashback to a terrible moment, or moments, that affected their lives and others dramatically. It becomes clear that the group seems to be stuck in some sort of purgatory, and each of them is faced with a torment they hoped to keep buried. Like a fungus, evil permeates throughout the hospital, every crevice and corner hides something hideous and frightful.

Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come

Each must decide if they will seek the path of vengeance or redemption, and one by one the decision gets harder. As events unfold they realize they cannot trust what they see, hear, or anyone else there with them. Through all of it, Sam, Jessica and Celia find strength in each other and pull together to help get through the dark nightmare they are trapped in. All exits to outside are blocked and any attempt at access is met with violence and bloodshed. They must find the strength within themselves no matter what is thrust before them to keep going, and keep faith. Ultimately, they will either survive or die painfully over and over. Each character’s story unfolds, revealing how they intertwine with each other. Kingdom Come is an original concept, with each actor playing their characters deeply, eliciting sympathy or hatred from the viewer. Each twist pushes the story forward and keeps the momentum going from start to end. It is a refreshing find, shining through a forest of stereotypical Horror films, focusing on the Horror inside us all, some is just easier to see than others; peeling away the layers to reveal the harsh truth we face as the consequences of our moral actions.

Still from Kingdom Come
Still from Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come has elements of the Saw series, as well as elements of Open Grave (2013), as the pieces of the puzzle come apart before they go back together. It is a clever little movie and they make the most of the special effects, Kingdom Come is not an A-List movie, but despite this it is very well acted with a clean neat story-line. All the ends come together, contains enough blood, gore, action, and thrills for all movie fans, particularly Horror. The ending is open which leaves room for the possibility of a sequel. A creepy, scary atmosphere gives the viewer shivers, with plenty of twist and turns to glue the viewer to their seat.  CrypticRock gives Kingdom Come 4 out of 5 stars.

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