KISS Cold Gin (Spirits Review)

In many ways the iconic KISS wrote the book on how to successfully market a Rock-n-Roll band. Formed in 1973, KISS rose to become the biggest band in the world by the time they released their 1976 album Destroyer, and it was really more than just about music. To grab attention sometimes you need to be more, and KISS was just that. 

Sure, KISS had the songs, the musicianship, and talent, but they also possessed intangibles with their larger-than-life persona on and off the stage. Known for their face paint and costumes, KISS put on one of the best Rock-n-Roll shows ever seen with fire-breathing, theatrical blood-spitting, smoking guitars, levitating drum kids, and pyrotechnics like never seen before. With this, KISS would use their platform to merchandise, and doing so they have produced more pieces of merchandise, and have generated more money from merchandise sales, than any other artist in the history of music. You think of it, KISS has produced it – apparel, toys, games, Christmas ornaments, comics… and now alcoholic beverages! 

In short, back in 2020 KISS launched the KISS Rum Kollection under the new brand Drink It Up by KISS, releasing their spirits collection in Europe, Australia and Japan. Then in 2021 it was announced the collection would make its way to the USA and slowly KISS fans caught wind of the news. Giving you a little more detail, the spirits collection is a partnership between KISS and the beverage producer Brands For Fans. Together they are cleverly using the KISS branding of song titles and logos and putting out high quality bottles of spirits. Among this collection are KISS Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum, KISS Detroit Rock Premium Dark Rum, KISS Monstrum Ultra Premium Rum, and KISS Cold Gin. The most recently released stateside, KISS Cold Gin, became available back in early 2022, and still exciting news to KISS fans. 

Named after the band’s classic 1974 track “Cold Gin,” the gin comes in two styles, the original limited-edition New York Style, and Cold Gin Navy Strength. Having no artificial flavors or added sweeteners, it has a five-time distilled base including juniper, lemon peel, and a selection of fine spices. A traditional gin, KISS’ Cold Navy Strength Gin is truly a great addition to your top shelf.  

With the classic juniper berry and slight hint of citrus, this is a great choice however you like your gin; whether it be gin and juice, a Tom Collins, or whatever may tickle your fancy. Quite impressive, and perfect for the holiday season, KISS and spirits fans alike will want to grab a bottle. Oh, and don’t you dare throw the bottle out because it is very attractive, bears the KISS logo, and will sit well on the shelf for décor. A really unique cool piece to add to your collection, Cryptic Rock gives KISS Cold Gin 5 out of 5 stars. 

KISS Cold Gin

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