KMFDM – Hyëna (Album Review)

KMFDM – Hyëna (Album Review)

The German-American band KMFDM is synonymous with Industrial music. Staying true to their anti-establishment attitude since 1984, founder Sascha “Käpt’n K” Konietzko has kept the act going strong through the decades, and thankfully, without compromise. Working with Lucia Cifarelli  (vocals, keyboards) and Andy Selway (drums) for the better part of two decades, Andee Blacksugar came on as guitarist back in 2017, making KMFDM a formattable force in the present day. Together an undeniable force of harshness, this is clearly evident with the release of their impressive, new album Hyëna.

A follow up to 2019’s Paradise, and twenty-second overall studio album, Hyëna emerged on September 9th through Metropolis Records. In total eleven songs lasting just under forty minutes, honestly, it is as potent as anything they have done in the past. In fact, it is equally as intense!

Bold statements to back up, considering this band’s long history, Hyëna kicks in with the steady rhythm of “All 4 1” providing a thrust of adrenaline. From here other songs such as “Rock ‘n’ Roll Monster,” matched with rapped vocals, attacks you with a lethal rhythmic arrangement, while “Black Hole” drives the tempo up with Cifarelli taking on lead vocals. Then there is the title-track, “Hyëna,” which is a powerful dance number that probably will be a mainstay at clubs. Following,  “All Wrong – But Alright” brings on a Dubstep vibe of mayhem; and it feels like different languages/words riddled together as they are matched with frightening vocals. 

Moving on, “Blindface” is a short Rock inspired piece that showcases some more intense vocals. Thereafter the interlude “Deja Vu” is made up of TV snippets wrapped in a Reggae musical arrangement and “Deluded Desperate Dangerous & Dumb” hits you in the head with quite a provocative political message. Then on the more melodic end, “Immortally Yours” carries a hint of doom and gloom, “Liquor Fish & Cigarettes” is chalked full of confidence, and “In Dub We Trust” wraps things up with more Reggae undertones matched with catchy melodies. 

Not growing long in the tooth, Hyëna is a fresh and inspiring collection put together by KMFDM. In fact, no song sounds alike and the arrangements are equally as well-balanced as they are compelling. Thankfully KMFDM are still going strong, not going soft, and still pointing out the hypocrisies surrounding us all. A fitting soundtrack for the current world of chaos we are living in today, Cryptic rock gives Hyëna 5 out of 5 stars. 

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