KMFDM light up The Emporium Patchogue, NY 11-3-13 (Exclusive Coverage)

During the 1980’s the industrial rock world grew at an exponential rate with heavy influence from the European scene. One such band which has left their mark on industrial music in the past 3 decades is Germany’s own KMFDM. Celebrating their 30th anniversary KMFDM landed at The Emporium in Patchogue, NY on Sunday November 3rd to pump the floor beneath a large crowd of loyal fans.

A band like KMFDM has no shortage of material to offer their fans with 17 studio albums to their credit including their latest, Kunst (2013). Their unique music has captured the attention of a large fan base in that time, and The Emporium was packed with fans of all ages. The lights were bouncing off the walls as the bass throbbed the floor leading to the intro “Sucks”. This had fans moving right off the bat as the band went into “Kunst”. With two bright spot lights behind the bands stage setup, there was an atmosphere reminiscence of  memorable concert going experiences of years past. The band kept things mixed nicely between harsh electronic beats and thrashing guitars with tracks like “Amnesia”, “Ave Maria”, “Light”, and “Pussy Riot”. Lucia Cifarelli’s corset and make-up only added to the presence behind her beautiful vocal performance. With Cifarelli originally from Long Island you could tell there was extra excitement in the air amongst the crowd. Original mastermind Sascha Konietzko’s wardrobe was just as eye catching, projecting this intense feeling onto the fans. Konietzko’s programming work with the keyboards and synthesizers proved to be nothing else than spectacular. In between his periods behind his impressive rack of equipment, Konietzko moved about the stage singing and engaging the audience.

The set went on with not much interruption, cruising through the band’s entire catalog with newer and older tracks. The energy level picked up even more during the performance of “Free Your Hate”. Fans danced at a high level through the track and all before and thereafter. Having kept the energy flowing for over an hour and 16 tracks they closed out with “A Drug Against War”. The song thrashed hard and proved to be as effect as it did 20 years ago.

Cheering loudly fans wanted more. The chants of “KMFDM sucks” filled the air at this point and throughout the set. This resulted in a gracious encore including “D.I.Y.” and classic tracks “Megalomaniac” and “Anarchy”. As the set closed out, the band thanked the fans for their support and reached down to shake the hands of fans showing their love and appreciation. KMFDM are a force which explodes in a live setting and 30 years later proved to be a legendary band not soon to be forgotten.

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