Kobra and the Lotus – Prevail II (Album Review)

Kobra and the Lotus – Prevail II (Album Review)

Unique and energetic female vocalists in Rock and Heavy Metal are still carrying a strong presence in 2018 and one primary candidate for a dominating leader suited to both categories is Kobra Paige, the lead vocalist from Canadian Heavy Metal band Kobra and the Lotus, who will drop their latest album Prevail II through Napalm Records on Friday, April 27, 2018.

Branding itself as a sequel to 2017’s Prevail, the endearing qualities of the original remain prominent in Prevail II. With not too far of a cry from the 2014 release High Priestess, although they have gone through a few sound transformations, the band ultimately ended up with a successful eleven-track – plus acoustic bonus song – for their latest album. This quintet of musicians features Kobra Paige as its only female member and Jasio Kulakowski as the masterful guitarist, along with Brad Kennedy on bass, and Marcus Lee on the creative drumming.

As a fairly recent edition to the Heavy Metal world, in their ninth year of existence, Prevail II marks the band’s fifth studio accomplishment and a wonderment of experimentation. Starting off with an appropriately heavy track called “Losing My Humanity,” Kobra’s vocal range is fully exemplified using highs and lows that overlay the classic Heavy Metal guitar riffs nicely. The next track, “Let Me Love You,” is a marketable one, and obviously a lovable tune that would do well in a live setting. It also goes over well in the acoustic format, as is featured at the end of the album. A love ballad at heart, with a touch of feminine independence, the track gives the listener full satisfaction.

Next up comes a two-minute, well-written acoustic interlude titled “Ribe” that simply breaks up any chance of monotony, and challenges the listener to attempt to identify the band as only one genre or key sound. The song “Fallen Empire” jumps back into the fast and furious Heavy Metal world, and lends itself to a similar vibe as bands such as Huntress with the creatively driven guitars and deeply intoxicating vocals. Immediately following are more semi-heavy tracks, including “Heartache” and “Velvet Roses,” packed with flavorful trials and topics. As a more Rock ballad-type tune, “A Modern Day Hero” comes in at a slightly underwhelming pace, but still captures the necessary attention with charm that deems it a worthy selection regardless.

Triumphantly reaching towards the end of the album, the song “You’re Insane” flows back to the heavy and the fantastical realm with creatively flowing vocals and beats. Finally, before the end, Kobra tones it down once again and takes on the challenge of a Fleetwood Mac song, “The Chain.” A perfectly well-done stylistic rendition that further lends to the comprehension that Kobra’s courage, talent, and skill push her to the height of high-end vocalist status.

Prevail II comes from a good-hearted world of peace and loving emotional passion released through some great stylized Heavy Metal tunes. A great step forward for Kobra and the Lotus, it also highly recommend catching them on their current tour with Texas Hippie Coalition. It is for this reason that CrypticRock give Prevail II 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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