Kristy (Movie Review)

Kristy (Movie Review)

Kristy, aka Random, is the latest horror movie from Tiberius Films, written by Anthony Jaswinski (Vanishing 2010, Killing Time 2002) and directed by Oliver Blackburn (Donkey Punch 2008, Wonderful World 1998).  Released in Germany August 7th and making it’s UK premiere October 15th, Kristy has not had an official US release yet.

Justine Wills (Haley Bennett- The Hole 2009, The Haunting 2008) is a student at college, on a work scholarship. Her boyfriend Aaron (Lucas Till- X Men: First Class 2011, X:Men Days of Future Past 2014) and best friend (Alexis Talley- Elsa & Fred 2014, Grudge Match 2013), along with the rest of the students go away for the Thanksgiving long weekend leaving Justine all alone with Security Guard Wayne (Mathew St. Patrick- War 2007, Alien Raiders 2008), and Maintenance Man Scott.

Still from Kristy
Still from Kristy

Justine initially thoroughly enjoys her freedom. but When Justine is getting some food from a local gas station, her night takes an ugly turn for the worse when she meets a malicious young woman, Violet (Ashley Greene- Twilight 1, 2, 3 & 4, CGBG 2013) who then menaces her with her car. Justine makes it back to the campus grounds safely and alerts Wayne about what happened. While getting snacks at a vending machine, she makes note on the news of the disappearance of several young women. Just when Justine thinks she is safe, Violet and some of her accomplices have followed Justine to the college and start pursuing her, killing anyone who gets in their path. They believe her name is Kristy and they are part of a group of recruits for the disenchanted and burgeoning evil based on the internet. They believe Justine to be this woman Kristy who their leader believes is God, and must be killed. Kill Kristy, Kill God. Justine must summon all the strength she can muster to fight for her life, and maybe even take one or two of her pursuers down along with her. Will Justine convince them she is not Kristy before they brutally kill her, or will she succumb to their evil wills?

Still from Kristy
Still from Kristy

Kristy has a very complex yet simple plot with lots of twists, turns, and plenty of suspense. Well acted with a smaller cast, with the events taking place mostly on the college campus. Plenty of blood and gore with an ending that will surprise. Definitely worth watching. CrypticRock scores this movie 5 out of 5 stars.

kristy (1)

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  • kitten
    Posted at 22:28h, 06 February Reply

    The movie was okay, but I don’t understand the reason for her at the end saying that “Justine is dead. My name is Kristy.” Could you maybe tell me why?

  • mark n troiano
    Posted at 13:52h, 27 July Reply

    Well there’s a scene after the credits in which, i think, a Kristy steps into save another Kristy about to be attacked.

    Since Krisy in Latin is “Follower of christ”, perhaps “Kristys” are fighting back all over the country.

    Perhaps the Kristy at the end was Justine

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