L.A. Guns & Faster Pussycat Take Over Revolution Amityville NY 4-23-16

L.A. Guns & Faster Pussycat Take Over Revolution Amityville NY 4-23-16

During the Glam Metal boom of the 1980s, there were few groups more involved with the genre’s success than L.A. Guns, though, it was almost not meant to be. Those unfamiliar with the interesting history of the veteran band, when their original 1983 lineup merged with members of Hollywood Rose, becoming the Rock juggernaut Guns N’ Roses, the group’s future seemed uncertain early on. Thankfully, in 1985, Tracii Guns set to put the group back together. Since that time, the band had sustained a variety of lineup changes, released ten studio albums, and even included a period in time where there were two separate groups touring under the L.A. Guns moniker. To avoid anymore confusion among fans, there is only one L.A. Guns band out there now, as Tracii Guns is touring solo, respectfully under his name.

With that said, L.A. Guns, with the lineup of mainstays Phil Lewis (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) and Steve Riley (drums), joined by Kenny Kweens (bass/vocals) as well as Michael Grant (lead guitar/vocals), continue to vigorously tour. Enjoying a large library of fan-favorites, the band is back on the road in 2016, and on Saturday, April 23rd, returned to Revolution Bar & Music Hall in Amityville, New York. No stranger to the Long Island area, L.A. Guns have rocked the area for years, and this night would be an extra special one because their tour would be on collision course with Faster Pussycat’s Dirty 30 Tour. What that meant was a double headlining show of sorts for an amped up crowd who drove in from NYC and bound to see the show.

Along for the amazing ride were two bands each hailing from the neighboring New York City area, Muddy Pig Nipples and Streetlight Circus. First up to the stage would be Muddy Pig Nipples. Jokingly brought up during a night of drinking, the name stuck for Tony Diaz (vocals), John Rossello (bass), Lenny Siniscalchi (guitar), and Eddie Gentile (drums). As the four men collected on stage and awaited the curtain to open, they prepared to rock out in front of the already packed out Amityville crowd. Kicking off with “Them Bones,” the band was off and running, drawing people closer to the stage with the Hard Rock track. The band continued to up the ante with “Fallen Angel” and “Slaughter House” before paying tribute to Stone Temple Pilots with a cover of “Interstate Love Song,” giving new fans a chance to sing along.

Returning to their own tracks, the band wowed fans with “What About Love” and “Evil Black Dirt.” Following up was a song the band held near and dear to them. Originally written in the wake of two close friends passing, “Dropping Like Flies” found new meaning to the band with 2016 seeing us lose many music legends. Gauging the crowds desire to close the show off with some Pantera, the band closed out their set with a cover of “Cowboys From Hell,” a song perfectly fit to capture the band’s Hard Rock sound.

Ready for their chance in front of the Long Island crowd, Streetlight Circus was up to bat next. Hailing from NYC, the Hard Rock band also announced to their Facebook fans that the show would bring on some new tracks, including two never before played live. With David Shaw (vocals, bass), George Giannoulis (guitar), Fabio Bargna (guitar), and Erik Fehrenbach (drums), the band has put together quite the resume since forming in 2006.

The band set the tone with “I Shot The Radio” off their 2013 EP, The Snake Mountain Sessions. The song was the first of two tracks being played live for the first time, exciting fans over the opportunity. The band continued with a track sharing the band’s name with “Streetlight Circus.” With the Hard Rock tracks pumping up the crowd, the band moved forward with “Ghettoblaster” and “Guns, Love, Money.” Then, “My Lucky Seven” had fans banging their head along before the band unleashed another new live track with “Just Another Night.”

Before closing out their sets, the band thanked fans in attendance for everything and invited them to their merchandise booth to hang out with the band and pick up their self-titled album and the EP. After announcing that the night also had Fehrenbach celebrating his birthday, the band closed out their set with “Downside” and “Needle Down,” the latter of which is a working title for the band’s upcoming album. In what is bound to be another match made in heaven, Streetlight Circus teams up with Buckcherry on May 15th, setting the stage for what should be a cannot miss show.

As stated, with the path of the band’s own Dirty 30 Tour crossing roads with L.A. Gun’s tour, fellow Los Angeles based Faster Pussycat’s presence at Revolution was met with great anticipation. The two bands together in the same building at the same time created a buzz worthy of the huge crowd that came to see them. Relaunching Faster Pussycat back in 2001 following a lengthy hiatus, original lead singer Taime Downe has kept the band going strong with Xristian Simon (guitar, vocals), Chad Stewart (drums), Danny Nordahl (bass), and latest addition, Ace Von Johnson (guitar). Having also been to Revolution many times over, Faster Pussycat was ready to Rock and Roll the same way they did when they began over three decades ago.

The lights darkened and the loudspeakers repeated the phrase “Pussy is a powerful thing” while anticipation grew. With the curtain pulled and the band kicking in, Downe pulled a cigarette from his side, lit it with a zippo, and prepared to captivate the crowd alongside the rest of the band. First, bringing fans back to 1992’s Whipped! with “Jack the Bastard,” Faster Pussycat blasted off. Keeping the exciting tempo, the band dug further into their library with “Cathouse” off their 1987 self-titled debut album before continuing it up with “Slip of the Tongue.” Not letting up, they rolled forward with “Number 1 With A Bullet” and “Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll,” two new cuts from 2006’s The Power and the Glory Hole.

Keeping the audience moving, they returned to their roots with “Smash Alley” while Downe lit himself another cigarette and took a few swigs of his Budweiser. As the song came to a conclusion, a large cross with bright lights was brought on stage and laid down for Downe to straddle. With the lights lowered to set the mood, the band slowed things down with the fan-favorite “House of Pain.” A classic Faster Pussycat piece, as the cross was removed, the band put the pedal to the metal again with “Bathroom Wall.”

Following with a series of covers, it began with the always enjoyable Ramones hit “Blitzkrieg Bop” as the crowd immediately joined in with the “Hey ho, let’s go” chorus. The party continued with The Heartbreakers’ “Chinese Rocks” before moving into “Pretty Fucked Up” by the Supersuckers. With guitar solos aplenty, the band took the spotlight as Downe took a breather. With him returning to the stage, cigarette in hand, the band took on one more cover with Betty Blowtorch’s “Shut Up and Fuck.” As the song raised the energy, Downe shook a newly opened beer bottle, showering fans close to the stage. This kept the fun coming until the closing track “Babylon,” where fans had one last chance to sing along.

With over thirty years of mayhem under their belt, Faster Pussycat’s Dirty 30 Tour rolls on through early June for what the band is considering just the first leg of the run. With that said, fans will have plenty of opportunities to soak up Faster Pussycat’s awesome live show all summer long.

Three acts down, the crowd knew that L.A. Guns were next. While there would be plenty of time between sets, most chose to stay right on the floor to be as close as possible when the curtain was finally pulled. Even the late start time did nothing to sap the energy level inside Revolution, and the band took to the stage an hour into the next day ready to take on the Long Island crowd.

As soon as the curtain was removed, the members immediately took to the edge of the stage to be as close to their fans as possible, giving them an up-close look as they treated them to guitar solos and Hard Rock perfection. Opening with “No Mercy” before segueing into “Showdown (Riot on Sunset)” and “Sex Action,” the men were all over the platform. Lewis surveyed the room, letting out a smile, knowing he had the crowd in the palm of his hand as they continued with radio hit “Never Enough.”

With the crowd red-hot, Lewis and company rocked into “I Wanna Be Your Man,” taking matters to the next level. With Lewis, Kweens, and Grant all at the edge of the stage, fans grabbed for their cell phones to record and take pictures of the band in reaching distance. More headbanging opportunities followed with “Over the Edge,” “Wheels of Fire,” and “Hellraisers Ball,” as each song attracted more people onto the dance floor.

Before playing the next track, Lewis introduced it, proudly saying it was written in regards to his favorite dominatrix, tweaking his nipples suggestively while winking at the crowd. With the crowd humored, Riley hit the opening drum beat to “Gypsy Soul” as the rest of the band joined in before pumping out “Slap in the Face” and “One More Reason.” Paying tribute to the late, great Prince, the band invited friends on stage to help them remember the Rock legend with a cover of “Purple Rain.” A fun, but emotional moment, as the song concluded, the band raised their beers in the Rock Star’s memory.

With everyone praising the tribute, L.A. Guns returned to their original hits with “Electric Gypsy” before moving on to “Crystal Eyes.” With the night coming close to an end, the band took some time to thank fans for coming out. Soaking in the appreciation from the fans, they fitting closed with “The Ballad of Jayne” followed by “Rip and Tear” with everyone singing along. Despite it being early Sunday morning, many hoped for more. Still, completely satisfied, fans happily let out into the Amityville streets completely blown away.

When it was all said and done, L.A. Guns put on a show like no other. Interacting with the crowd and getting as close as possible, fans can be promised a show they will never forget when seeing this band live. The group continues their tour through mid-May in the United States before crossing overseas to perform shows throughout Europe. Then L.A. Guns return to the United States Mid-July and continue their heavily touring schedule, so look out!



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