Lacey Sturm Lifts Spirits At Revolution Amityville, NY 7-13-16

Lacey Sturm Lifts Spirits At Revolution Amityville, NY 7-13-16

The name Lacey Sturm strikes a chord in the heart of many Hard Rock fans. First introduced to the world as the lead vocalist for the band Flyleaf, Sturm captured audiences with her powerful voice, personal lyrics, and unmatched stage energy. Building a following that helped Flyleaf’s debut album attain platinum status, they churned out three more chart-topping records with Sturm at the helm until her unforeseen departure in 2012 prior to the release of New Horizons. Heartbreaking to fans, she made the difficult decision to bow out of the band to concentrate on her growing family. Thankfully, the positive message Sturm offered did not fade away with her exit from Flyleaf and she continued to keep in touch with fans via email, social pages, and on a grand level upon the release of her first book, 2014’s The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living.

Satisfied to still have Sturm in their lives in some form, fans still yearned to hear the musician sing again. Would it happen, or did that chapter of her live conclude? The answer came just a month after the release of her book when she announced via social media that she was in fact working on a new solo project. Elated to hear the news, February 2016 saw the anticipated release of Lacey Sturm’s solo album, Life Screams. While some may say she spent too much time away from the limelight, fans proved that wrong as they helped make Life Screams the first album by a solo female to hit number one on Hard Rock charts.

All this in mind, Sturm’s return to the live stage has been met with overwhelming fanfare, and in the summer of 2016 she has been treating cities all over the US to performances. One such performance came on the evening of Wednesday, July 13th, when Sturm found herself out on Long Island to visit Revolution Bar & Music Hall. Nestled in the village of Amityville, New York, Sturm arrived along with her talented members – Husband and Guitarist Josh Sturm, Bassist Ben Hull, as well as Drummer Tom Gascon, together to rock with precision and purpose.

Begun early, for a list of local acts to support Lacey Sturm’s set, Share The Burden, REVEL 9, and J. Rad got the music flowing. All offering their own brand of original Hard Rock, the crowd grew continuously larger prior to Sturm taking the stage just after 10 PM. With a roar of cheers coming from the inside of the venue, many standing outside patiently awaiting Lacey’s arrive rushed in as the band opened up honoring Life Screams with the single “Impossible.” A riveting start, after some motivational words from Lacey, she kicked right into the album’s second track, “The Soldier.” Both songs the audience were familiar with, it quickly became evident that Sturm was going to give them a heavy dose of Life Screams as she played on with “I’m Not Laughing” and later, “Vanity,” “Rot,” as well as “You’re Not Alone.”

Mixing in Flyleaf favorites, including “Chasm” early on, Sturm was not at all shy, but extremely open about herself. Letting the audience into personal life, she spoke extensively between songs of tales regarding her intense faith and how it saved her life. Stimulating to the senses, it became evident that Sturm has found purpose in life with expression through writing and music. Above all, she has been graced with a wonderful support system from her family and talented new band.

Weaving in and out of inspiring words, she offered more Life Screams with “Heavy Prey,” “Feels Like Forever, before slowing it down some for the highly moving “Faith” and “Run to You.” After a few more newer tracks, including the cover “Roxanne,” originally by The Police, the band had some fun and freestyled for the crowd, writing a song on the spot. It was a wonderful showing of improvisation, making the setting that much more personal and showing Sturm’s affection for her fans. Then, to all’s excitement, Sturm jumped right into her roots from the days with Flyleaf, lighting up the stage with “All Around Me.” Showing the power of a woman twice her size in stature, Sturm belted out emotional clean and rough vocals that sent shivers down the spines of everyone inside the venue. This feeling continued as she and company wrapped up the set with a medley of other famous Flyleaf cuts including “I’m So Sick, “Fully Alive ,” “Call You Out,” and “Forever.”

This was more than just a Rock show, it was an exploration into the soul of Lacey Sturm. After knowing her story, it is refreshing to see Sturm has fought through to pursue her dreams. After taking a break from the music industry, it was refreshing for her fans to have her back where she belongs, on stage with a microphone in her hand. Like she never skipped a beat, Sturm delivered a performance that did not disappoint. Her range of deep growls with melodic tones was mesmerizing, and her constant energy was itself impressive.

With the success of her previous books, Lacey Sturm will be releasing her second book, entitled The Mystery: Finding Love in a World of Broken Lovers. Could this be a prelude for more new music at some point in the coming year or two? All this said, anyone who fancies themselves a Hard Rock fan needs to get out and see Lacey Sturm at one of these intimately set shows before the summer tour is all but over.

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