Lacuna Coil – Comalies XX (Album Review)

Lacuna Coil – Comalies XX (Album Review)

One ironically promising fallout of the COVID-19 virus is that there is a distinct difference between the pre-pandemic and the post-pandemic world. Those who suffered from lack of live music, among other disappointments, and times of immense solitude, have grown to a very high level of empowerment mixed with confidence. What does this mean? It means many people refuse to go back to slaving over their work only to die young. In fact, some might say that life and culture is being more embraced today.

Speaking of which, the very empowered Lacuna Coil has made the absolute best out of the unnerving situation that all of us have gone through. What is that? They have brought their fans something quite unique with a re-invention of their career-changing 2002 album Comalies. Arguably the album that put the band on the international map, they now bring us Comalies XX twenty years later. 

As alluded to, Comalies has always been one of their most top-rated albums over the years. With Comalies XX, released October 14th via Century Media Records, they have revamped and re-recorded old songs. Sure, people have re-mastered albums, and revamped old tracks, but this new album Comalies XX is definitely one of a kind. Produced by the band’s own trusted member, Marco Coti Zelati, its difference is like a mirror reflecting the innocence of the old world, and the vengeance of the new world. It even takes a minute to recognize the old tune within the new tune because it has been very much re-invented rather than re-mastered. It is perfectly done, because making a sequel has the chance of not being as successful as the first rendition. Therefore, to basically create a Comalies album that speaks of today’s world, along with breathing the nostalgia of the past, becomes the perfect dichotomy. The original release had a pleasant journey throughout, that is very heartfelt, and almost paints a picture of perfectly green tall grass blowing in the winds just outside of fairy lands. Comalies XX, on the other hand, is almost as if total destruction and darkness is hovering just above this beautiful land creating the fight of a lifetime mission to survive.

All of the song titles on Comalies XX remain the same, but they add on XX appropriately to make them complete. Additionally, one of the most interesting aspects of this complete re-creation made in 2022, is that the lengths of the songs from Comalies XX to Comalies are different. Perhaps, this difference is only seconds, but they are really following a new self-guided path with this album that cannot be denied. For example, take the shortest song on this album, “Aeon.” It might be the most similar to the original with just a few seconds longer, but still seems a bit like looking at a dark reflection in the water in comparison.

Another main difference heard throughout Comalies XX is the dually vocals of Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro; there is a different dynamic with Ferro doing more guttural vocals while Scabbia rising up into a powerful yet very soprano octave. This combo creates a much stronger tone with shadowing, gleaming darkness in its undertones. Still there is a butterfly’s flight of a journey throughout the album… but with a few storms along the way. There are also backing tracks at the beginning of some of the tunes on Comalies XX that seem to create a Terminator-like existence around them. With the help of Coti-Zelati behind the main wheel of instruments including guitars, bass guitar, keyboards and synths, along with Diego “DD” Cavallotti on guitars, as well as Richard Meiz holding down the fort on drums, this album is a success on all fronts.

Comalies XX is not what would be typically imagined. Furthermore, it is everything modern as well as creative that can be woven into some very solid songs; and it still holds the essence of all that is Lacuna Coil. One of the most creative concept artists out there, Cryptic Rock gives Comalies XX 5 out of 5 stars, and if we could more, because it goes above and beyond any expectations. 

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