Larkin Poe – Self Made Man (Album Review)

Beginning their musical adventure while only teenagers, the sister act of Rebecca and Megan Lovell have seen a lot of growth in a short time. First starting out as Bluegrass/Americana group, the Lovell Sisters, with their younger sister, Jessica, by 2010 Rebecca and Megan would go onto front a new band they called Larkin Poe.

Sometimes dubbed “the little sisters of the Allman Brothers,” as Larkin Poe, they have shown soulful, Rock-n-Roll music is still alive and well. Releasing a bunch of music over the last decade in the form of albums and EPs, the ladies are set to return with their latest full-length Self Made Man on Friday, June 12th through their own label Tricki-Woo Records.

Self-produced by Larkin Poe along with their friend Roger Alan Nichols, Self Made Man is their fifth overall studio album and an important moment in their career. For one, the ladies have worked as independent artists for sometime, and in that time they have learned a lot about who they are, what they want from their music, plus how to fine tune that vision. Self-producing their last three albums, the title of the latest is also fitting at this stage in the game because they have certainly put in the work, weather the ups and downs… making them self made. 

These factors in mind, the lyrical content of Self Made Man is perhaps the most uplifting collection Larkin Poe has put together yet. They are empowering, hopeful, and through the sight of earned wisdom. As a result, each of the eleven song tells a story, all with a hint of faith amidst them. Musically strong with Blues, Folk, Country, and Rock-n-Roll tones, the common thread is the soul the Lovell sister bring. This showing from the start with the lead single “She’s A Self Made Man,” kicking matters right into gear. From here, songs such as “Holy Ghost Fire,” the single “Back Down South” featuring a guest spot from Tyler Bryant, along with “God Moves On The Water” tells tales of grit and all that life brings. 

Following a trajectory of serious, real to life topics, perhaps the heaviest track of all comes in the form of “Every Bird That Flies.” Metaphorical, it features a very dark sound that makes you feel as if a rain cloud is hovering overhead or if you set to face a storm. This is while some beautiful harmonies shine through on “Danger Angel,” heavy-hearted feelings dresses “Ex-Con,” and a knee slapping, toe tapping finish sends you off with “Easy Street”; a song that many might associate with AMC’s The Walking Dead.  

Overall Self Made Man is a strong album filled with steady rhythms, strong vocals, and a lot of emotion. As mentioned, this album is a reflection of life, at least the tougher moments. Fortunately there is light outside the shadowy darkness and Larkin Poe do a fine job of ceasing that in a very sincere manner. A very mature collection with a serious undertone, Cryptic Rock gives Self Made Man 3.5 out of 5 stars.  

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