Laura Brehm – Breathe (EP Review)

Laura Brehm – Breathe (EP Review)

Daydreams and wanderlust, let us all get lost with Laura Brehm in her new solo EP Breathe. Native to Colorado, Singer-Songwriter Laura Brehm’s voice can easily be recognized from her over 30 collaborations in the Electronic Dance music world. No stranger to the music scene, Brehem is trying something new with Breathe, and it is quite a treat for listeners. 

When asked what was to be expected from Breathe, Brehm responded, “This EP focuses on themes that inspire me the most: passion, dreaming, self awareness, healing the past, taking chances, falling in love, friendship, finding truth, hope, and living in the moment. I kept trying to give this EP to a producer to help me bring it to its highest potential, but things out of my control kept happening that led me away from that and I finally realized that the only person who can express this exactly the way I want to is myself.” Showcasing she has a lot to offer, Breathe, released on July 28, 2017 via Electric Bird Records, is a 4 track exploration into an enticing world. 

Possessing an ear-tingling aura, “Awake and Dreaming” is the first single off Breathe and Brehm provides listeners with an acoustic style track matching soft spoken vocals. Gifting listeners her softer, more gentle side, she finds herself, a sweet inspiration. Sugaring up the melody near the end with soft harmonics, EP title-track comes next. Uplifting and free, “Breathe” reveals a more authentic, true side of Brehem’s own, a style more refined and matured.

Then, “Dance of love” is a tad more upbeat. Still somewhat swayed, it shows her ingenious combination of styles. Romantic like the renaissance, Brehm grabs her audience’s heart with her sweet serenade. Lastly, humming into heaven, “Parallel” is a combination of sounds that come together perfectly. Reaching out to listeners, it brings a sense of beauty and of euphoric enlightenment. 

With collaborations that have landed on the iTunes Dance charts as well as the Spotify viral 50, with Breathe, Brehm offers a Folk/Electric sound and surreal vocals which distinguish her instantly. Stepping out of the box and combining her past experience and refining it into one of her own, with much more to come, Laura Brehm is in transition of her own truth. That is why CrypticRock gives Breathe 4 out of 5 stars.

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