Leaves' Eyes - Myths of Fate

Leaves’ Eyes – Myths of Fate (Album Review)

Leaves Eyes 2024

Over the past twenty years there have been many Symphonic Metal acts to grace the international scene, but few with clout carried by Leaves’ Eyes. A story dating back to 2003, it all began when former Theatre of Tragedy Vocalist Liv Kristine united with members of Atrocity to create something new. A successful partnership, they would go on to build a dedicated following that resulted in numerous releases finding their way to high positions on album charts in several countries. No small feat for any Metal band, their sound has ebbed and flowed through the years; with Symphonic and more Gothic elements interchanged with each passing record. However, perhaps the biggest shift came in 2016 when Kristine and Leaves’ Eyes parted ways.

A factor impossible to ignore, it has been eight long years since this change, and impartial to how one may or may not feel about it, Leaves’ Eyes has carried on quite well. Recruiting Finnish Soprano Elina Siirala as their new leading lady, through everything, Alexander Krull has remained the only constant member of the band. Having put out two well-received albums in the post-Kristine era – 2018’s Sign of the Dragonhead and 2020’s The Last Viking – now in 2024 they are set to unleash Myths of Fate. Their ninth overall studio album, and fourth through AFM Records, Myths of Fate arrives on Friday, March 22nd with plenty of curiosity in tow.

To start with, this will be the first studio album to feature Luc Gebhardt on guitars. Currently a part of Atrocity, joining them aside Krull and Siirala, are long tenure Drummer Joris Nijenhuis, plus Guitarist Micki Richter (who also plays bass on the album). Factors to consider, if you are up to snuff on Leaves’ Eyes, you are familiar with the energetic output of both the aforementioned Sign of the Dragonhead and The Last Viking. In truth, feeling like the band were growing into their own under their new configuration, the stories built around each song (including the impressive historic scope) put out between 2018 and 2020 were compelling, all while the musicianship was very solid.

All this considered, it seems as if with Myths of Fate that Leaves’ Eyes have fully settled in… and it could be arguably their most enticing sounding collection in some time. The songs sonically are epic, the writing strong, and the approach to each, in terms of the performance, is full of energy. Something that can be felt throughout the eleven tracks that make up the listening session, you could even see that while the symphonic elements are omnipresent, the more Gothic elements are delightfully brought to the forefront more. In fact, Myths of Fate has a vibe that would appeal to those who appreciate earlier period Sirenia; between 2002’s At Sixes and Sevens and 2007’s Nine Destinies and a Downfall.

With this very powerful mood in place, there are many standout tracks to single out throughout Myths of Fate. This would include “Forged By Fire,” “Who Wants To Live Forever,” “Goddess of The Night”, and simply irresistible “Sons of Triglav.” Beyond these, you also have the exceptionally melodic “Einherjar,” but also the well-crafted and more pure Symphonic Metal offering “Realm of Dark Waves.”

In all, Leaves’ Eyes may not be the same band they were twenty years ago, but they are also not stale or stagnant. Still putting their best foot forward, if anything Myths of Fate shows they are as inspired as ever. A great way to celebrate two decades of Leaves’ Eyes, Cryptic Rock gives this new album 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Leaves' Eyes - Myths of Fate
Leaves’ Eyes – Myths of Fate / AFM Records (2024)

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