Less Than Jake – Sound The Alarm (EP Review)


Absolutely classic and surely always thrilling, Less Than Jake are a staple for any true Pop Punk lover. From their origins in Gainesville, Florida back in 1992, Less Than Jake are a group of insanely talented musicians who constantly bring together a welcoming community of like-minded Punk enthusiasts, making them a truly special band.

All this said, the band takes nothing for granted, coming a long way in terms of members, music, and touring. With a couple shifts here and there, Less Than Jake is currently comprised of Chris DeMakes (vocals and guitar), Roger Lima (vocals and bass), Vinnie Fiorello (drums), Buddy Schaub (trombone), and JR Wasilewski (tenor saxophone). Through it all, they racked up an insane discography – from 1995’s Pezcore through 2013’s See the Light – all coupled with some crazy live shows. Playing alongside Blink-182, New Found Glory, Anti-Flag, Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, and many more over the years, Less Than Jake offer fans a little something to hold over their rowdy followers with their latest EP, Sound The Alarm.

Short and sweet, Sound The Alarm is a brilliant 7 track EP which hit the public on February 3rd via Pure Noise Records. Kicking it off, “Call To Arms” is a stereotypical Pop Punk track, but still exciting nonetheless. Upbeat and totally danceable, this song is catchy and a perfect way to get things started. With their iconic brass section to consistently guide the way, “Whatever The Weather” is a funky and true Less Than Jake piece. Highlighting chipper instrumentals and memorable lyrics, this extremely fresh and exciting EP is exactly what listeners needed to spruce up a dull winter.

Fast-paced and unique, “Bomb Drop” is a crazy, great piece absolutely jam packed with zeal. Already one of their better releases, Sound The Alarm is a true work of art. Creating their own wave of Pop Punk, Less Than Jake never seem to disappoint, and that holds true continuing on into “Welcome To My Life.” An all-too-relatable piece, this track just might be one of the best thus far. With a soothing Reggae sound, this song is unlike anything heard so far and will hook listeners right away, if it has not been done already.

Extremely fun, “Good Sign” is a song that will immediately get stuck in anyone’s head. Seriously great, this track is overflowing with good vibes, and lyrics, “It’s never felt this way before, and we took it as a good sign.” proves it. An extreme favorite off of Sound The Alarm, “Years Of Living Dangerously” is a more toned down piece, but completely keeps up the energy. With groovy instrumentation, this song is seriously memorable, showcasing the band’s wide range of skill and immensely noticeable talent. Closing things out with another upbeat and amusing track, “Things Change” is just as satisfying as the rest, while completely making Sound The Alarm one of the most exhilarating pieces of the year thus far.

A true treat, Less Than Jake are back and better than ever. With a solid sound and many years of Pop Punk history behind them, this band keeps getting bigger while the music keeps getting better. IA collection of tracks that will turn any gloomy day into a bright one, CrypticRock gives Less Than Jakes’ Sound The Alarm 4 out of 5 stars.


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