Liam Gallagher – Why Me? Why Not. (Album Review)

Liam Gallagher – Why Me? Why Not. (Album Review)

Fresh off the success of a two year tour in support of his debut solo album, As You Were, Liam Gallagher is back with his follow-up Why Me? Why Not due out Friday, September 20th through Warner Bros.

Famously known as the frontman for the mega Alternative Rock band Oasis, Liam has had a lot change for him over the last decade. Sure, he launched the band Beady Eye, but he needed to do some serious soul searching plotting his next move in life as seen in the recently released new film As It Was. That all in mind, Why Me? Why Not. picks up right where 2017’s As You Were left off… but perhaps with a little more edge. 

This is evident from the album’s lead single and opener “Shockwave,” which is a monster with loud guitars, pulsating drums and big choruses. A great way to start an album, Liam’s most recent single comes next in the form of “One of Us,” a seemingly obvious nod to big brother Noel Gallagher which in a melancholy way, shows Liam hoping for the feud between the two to end. Moving on, the third single, “Once,” bring you back to your youth where you thought the days would never end and that they would always be around. A touching song that anyone can relate too, it becomes clear after just these few songs that Liam has tapped into some real serious emotion and is really tugging on the heart strings.

The beauty flows on with “Now That I’ve Found You” as Liam opens up even more; singing to his daughter Molly who he hadn’t met until she was in her early twenties. A truly touching father/daughter moment, he segues right into “Halo” with a boogie woogie Rock-n-Roll vibe. A great tribute to his girlfriend Debbie, it features massive hooks, driven piano, and big drums pushing the right groove before a nice fuzzed out guitar solo.

For those curious where the title of this record originated, it came from two separate pieces of artwork drawn by John Lennon. This tidbit of information provided, the song that bares the same name is yet another piece that anyone can relate with. A song about when your told no and you think you can’t do it, but pushing forward with the word ‘Why Me? Why Not’ echoing in your head. An empowering message, beautiful strings accompany the track with motivated lyrics making this a stand out moment.

Although, pretty much all the songs are wonderful including protest cuts such as “The River” which has the most Oasis type feel as you hear Liam telling the youth to stand up and shout if you are going work things out. Arguably the most thunderous moments of the album, it is complete with fuzzy guitars, great lyrics, pounding drums, a great chorus and nice changes that will have you nodding your head until the end. 

When it is all said and done after 39 plus minutes of music, Why Me? Why Not. proves to be no step back for Liam. In fact, it further pushes the boundaries of what he is capable of doing. Any Oasis and Liam Gallagher fan will love this album, it has everything you would want and expect. It is loud Rock-n-Roll and in your face, yet very subtle when it needs to be. A taste of everything you would want, it show his growth as a person, father, friend and musician. Just as good if not better than As You Were, Cryptic Rock gives Why Me? Why Not. 5 out of 5 stars.

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