The logo for arenaline intoxication like a storm us tour 2013.

The logo for arenaline intoxication like a storm us tour 2013.

Like A Storm acoustic show live at Uncle Joe’s Bar in Chesterton, Indiana 6-26-13 (exclusive show review)

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It was a Wednesday night on the 26th of June that we headed down to a town called Chesterton Indiana to a charming little place called Uncle Joe’s Bar. The reason for our trip was to catch an acoustic show by up and coming hard rock band Like A Storm. Just having seen them days prior blowing up the stage in good rock fashion, and now was my opportunity to hear and see them tone it down. Excited, just was not the word for it. They have been praised and brought on tour by bands such as Shinedown, Alter Bridge and many more and there is certainly now, no question as to why. This is a band, who is electric onstage, interacts with the fans on and off stage, and their lyrics have the striking ability to speak to your soul which can be a rare find these days in commercial rock.

To set the stage for you Like A Storm is comprised of 3 brothers Kent, Chris, and Matt Brooks, hailing from New Zealand, and Indiana native drummer Roye Robley. Their set started with the band’s first single “Chemical Infatuation” off their debut album The End Of The Begining. A key and favorite moment in the show was when Chris used his trademark Didgeridoo during this performance. As it turns out, a song that usually rocks hard such as this one can even be played well on the down low. After a Very pleased crowd cheered, they continued with an enchanting ballad called “Just Save Me” in which Matt sang lead vocals. The song was flawless, and Matt’s incredible voice just makes you want to close your eyes and listen, really listen to what he is saying..and let the music speak to you. They moved onto the track “Enemy”, with the usual crowd participation (which if you have seen them live before, for this particular song, you know what I mean!). You could probably hear the crowd yelling “Hey! Hey!” from a block away, putting a smile on everyone’s faces you just could not wipe off. “Alone” was next on the list, with Matt on vocals for this one as well, the band entranced the elated crowd with their acoustic version of the song. Next the band changed things up with “Interstate Love Song”…that’s not a Like A Storm song you say? Like A Storm did Stone Temple Pilots proud with this cover I assure you. They aren’t “Leaving on a southern train” however! They are sticking around to nail every song they put their minds to!! They then introduced their drummer, Roye as being from Indiana, and my favorite line of the night “And forged in the fires of…..something”. It turns out the band is not only musically and vocally talented but they are also quite humorous!

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They introduced us to their next song by telling us that they grew up in a tight knit family which their grandmother was the head. They continued saying that they all played in different bands growing up and she was at all of their shows, until bar close, sitting right up front supporting them. They wrote this next song for her, it is called “Galaxy”. Knowing the story before the song was played almost puts one in tears as they sing it. This song you could definitely feel the emotion coming from their voices. Segueing into “Never Surrender” and a flawless “Change Tomorrow”. They hit another cover track in the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” with full audience participation! You could hear “I wanna know! Have you ever seen the rain!” just echoing from everyone in the room and it gave me goosebumps. Continuing with classic rock tunes the band announced the next song would be a tribute to Shinedown for introducing them to it. Performing a cover “Simple Kind Of Man” which I’m telling you they nailed, that really goes without saying!


The show sadly had to come to an end, as all shows must do. The band ended the show with “Southern Skies” which ended up stuck in my head for the next couple of days. Needless to say, this was a show for the books, and this band, is one for the ages. Their incredible talent will just capture you and once it does, you will be hooked.

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Photos, video and review by Amber Main

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