London Quireboys celebrate 30th anniversary Revolution Bar & Music Hall Amityville, NY 8-27-14

London Quireboys celebrate 30th anniversary Revolution Bar & Music Hall Amityville, NY 8-27-14

During the 1980’s glam was the king of rock-n-roll and along with the unforgettable era came a list of equally noteworthy bands.  One such band is London, England’s Quierboys aka London Quireboys in the USA.  Achieving success in their homeland with five chart topping singles that bled into American mainstream rock during the late 1980’s the band left a mark fans will soon not forget.  Now they  celebrate their 30th anniversary  as a band with founding vocalist Spike and guitarist Guy Griffin leading the way with a line-up rounded out by seasoned musicians Paul Guerin (guitar), Keith Weir (keyboards).  Showing the are  no nostalgic act paying tribute to their own pass The Quireboys even have some blistering new bluesy rock music with their tenth studio album Black Eyed Son released June 16th.  Enticing fans to come out on a Thursday night the boys arrived at Revolution Bar & Music Hall on August 27th for what would be an evening of good old rock fun.

Kicking off the night was a new act from Smithtown Long Island called Sharks in the Shallow.  As their first live performance the band performed a tight set of some original and cover tunes while seeming comfortable in their own skin on stage.   Next up was another local product this time from Northport named Grimm Jack.  Having been on the scene for the better part of four decades they came out like the veterans they are and put on a great performance.  Completely the trio of Long Island talented showcased with The Heartless Devils.  Having opened for the likes of L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, Extreme, and Twister Sister this band brought with them a nice following.  Providing a raw punk rock style the band put on a high energy set with great sound.  All three acts provide Long Island’s rock scene is a live and full of talented musicians.

With the night wearing on dedicated fans came out to support The London Quireboys gathering close to the stage waiting for the party to begin.  Opening up with 2004 track “Black Mariah” the vibe was set immediately having everyone whistled and clapped in excitement.  Being the excellent frontman he is Spike moved about with his mic stand in hand letting out some raunchy vocals through newer songs like “Too Much of a Good Thing” and “27 Years”  along with older classics such as “Whippin’ Boy”.  With Griffin jamming out some heartfelt soulful guitar notes the room was full of energy straight through the entire set with few breaks in between.  Showing their appreciation for the fine art of rock-n-roll music they gave their followers everything they could want any more  Playing a well balanced set of through tunes like “Roses & Rings”, “Mona Lisa Smile” and “I Don’t Love You Anymore”. The Quireboys showed they have not missed a beat over the years.

As the set winded down the music kept rolling and they The Quierboys kept their energy level high as well with Spike shouting out at the audience amping them up for killer tracks “7 O’Clock” and closer “Sex Party”.  The Quireboys certainly brought everything they had to the stage putting on a vintage sincerely delivered concert.  This band still has some of the best old school rock to offer audiences and more people should be aware of that.  In the words of The Quireboys themselves This is Rock and Roll.



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