Lordi – Sexorcism (Album Review)

In the diverse world of Rock Music, the word controversial has been notorious with many artists from Shock Rocker Marilyn Manson to Death Metal trailblazers Cannibal Corpse. Outside of Finland, Heavy Metal/Shock Rock band Lordi is a name possibly unknown to many Rock fans. However, since their inception, Lordi have been one of the most controversial acts in Metal. Eight studio albums in, Lordi reckon to announce their ninth LP, Sexorcism, will be released on Friday, May 25, 2018 thanks to AFM Records.

Prior to unveiling the bludgeoning creature of Sexorcism, the listener must learn the story behind these Heavy Metal characters and what Lordi is all about. Lordi was formed in Finland back in 1992 consisting of five members each bearing their own individual moniker – Mr. Lordi (Vocals), Mr. Amen (Guitar), Mr. Ox (Bass), Mr. Mana (Drums), and Ms. Hella (Keyboards). Mr. Lordi is the founder, song-writer, visual art designer, and costume maker for Lordi. Inspired by Kiss and reminiscent of Gwar, Lordi is known for wearing over the top grotesque costumes, including masks to keep their faces private.

Looking to shock the world, Lordi’s music consists of cleverly titled, sometimes crude, album and song titles typically related to sex and Horror. The music itself fully embodies the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal of the 1980’s with melodic guitar riffs, bright synthesizers, dynamic grooves, and blaring vocals.  As a live attraction, Lordi’s stage shows include lots of pyrotechnics, zombies, Horror inspired settings, and a two-headed axe carried by Mr. Lordi.

Lordi released their first album, Get Heavy, in 2002, and their second, The Monsterican Dream in 2004. Lordi’s third album, 2006’s The Arockalypse, broke the ice, hitting triple platinum success thanks to the hit single “Hard Rock Hallelujah.” Not to be forgotten, the album also featured guest appearances by Dee Snider and Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister, ex-Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick, and UDO Dirkschneider (U.D.O.). Achieving new heights of stardom, Lordi was now a household name in Finland and their fan-base exploded. A huge hometown band, Lordi has achieved immense success in Finland, winning the Eurovision song contest and getting a marketplace named after the band, Lordi Square, in the Finnish city of Rovaniemi. A top-seller in Finland, Lordi’s merchandising is huge, as well with items such as Lordi postage stamps, candles, and even Lordi Cola.

Produced by veteran Producer Mikko Karmila, Sexorcism looks to be Lordi’s most controversial and explicit album to date. Kicking off this raunchy endeavor,”Sexorcism” is a heavily melodic and chaotic track about a girl who is so into sex it needs to be expelled from her soul. “The Beast Is Yet To Cum” contains terrifying organ music behind demonic vocals by Mr. Lordi reminiscent of King Diamond. Next, “PolterChrist” is about a girl who is possessed by evil, while the striking music of “Rimskin Assassin” is enjoyable.

“Hell Has Room” is not about sex, but is one of the most straight-forward and heavier tracks, as is “Sodomesticated Animal.” Closing out Sexorcism, “Haunting Season” will make a listener feel like the credits are rolling on a bad Horror movie. Other interestingly-titled tracks include: “Your Tongue’s Got The Cat,” “Naked In My Cellar,” “Hot & Satanned,” and “Romeo Ate Juliet.”

Overall, Sexorcism is thirteen tracks of raunchy lyrics and old-school Rock music. For the most part, the music holds up, but the lyrics are certainly an acquired taste. Fans of Lordi will most likely dig Sexorcism, but it may be more difficult for first-time listeners to get into this type of Shock Rock. For these reasons, CrypticRock gives Sexorcism 3 out of 5 stars.

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