Loud Krazy Love (Documentary Review)

Loud Krazy Love (Documentary Review)

Two-time Grammy Award-winner Brian “Head” Welch of Korn knows something about unconditional love. In a remarkably touching, true tale of devotion, the musician teaches us all a little something about Loud Krazy Love. Produced by I Am Second Media and Ditore Mayo Entertainment, the award-winning Documentary arrives to Digital and DVD on Tuesday, June 18th, 2019.

Sure, there is a level of predictability to the beginning of this tale: man becomes Rock star, man develops serious drug and alcohol problems, and man’s life crumbles down around him under the weight of his crippling addictions. However, it is the special woman at the heart of this story that delivers light simply by being born. Meet Brian “Head” Welch, guitarist and founding member of the multi-platinum band Korn (stylized as KoЯn), and his beautiful daughter, Jennea Marie. An odd couple if ever there was one, father and daughter have faced the gauntlet of life and come out swinging.

That survival was hardly as easy as the paragraph you just read. First, Welch had to admit that he had a problem and then he had to find the fortitude to face his inner demons—and that strength came from a place that might shock some. Experiencing a miraculous conversion to Christianity, Brian hit rock bottom and found God. Reborn and with an inspiring faith, he sought to right the wrongs of his past, and with this in mind he quit Korn in 2005 to raise his young daughter.

Loud Krazy Love is the story of Brian, Jennea, and their struggles throughout the years. From Jennea’s birth to Welch’s devolving addiction, they openly share old home video footage of their exploits and make some startlingly candid confessions to the cameras. Spoiler alert: it’s never been easy and both father and daughter have struggled—financially, with mental health, and with faith. What they detail within is a quest for redemption, inner peace, and the ability to finally find solace in family.

The film is a feature-length debut for both the Emmy Award-winning Scott Mayo as well as Trey Hill. Clocking in at 87 minutes, throughout Loud Krazy Love there is faith, family drama, Rock-n-Roll, and always hope. In fact, it’s uncensored look offers some truly candid interviews with family and friends, including Phil and Maryellen Welch, Brian’s parents; the members of Korn—Jonathan Davis, Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu, James “Munky” Shaffer, and Ray Luzier; childhood friend Doug Bennett; friend Eric Powers; Angie Clawson, a family friend and neighbor; family counselor Cristi Williams-Gilbert; and Tiffany Claywell of Awakening Youth.

This will probably not come as a shock to many, but often times it’s Brian’s bandmates who are the most blunt. Jonathan Davis, in particular, rarely seems to hold back what he’s thinking despite the presence of the camera. When Welch’s departure from the band and rebirth into Christianity is discussed, Davis states what many skeptics in the audience will be thinking: that this newfound spirituality was nothing more than a lark; an addict finding a new addiction. Though when, ultimately, his friend comes out the other side triumphant in his faith and new life, Davis admits to being wrong and quips, “He’s not a preachy motherfucker at all!”

This is a perfect example of the delicate line that Loud Krazy Love toes: never proselytizing, this is merely the story of one man who found solace in the arms of God. From millionaire musician to out-of-work single dad, Welch relates his past experiences matter-of-factly, underlining the most important fact of this autobiographical tale: since the day that he left Korn, everything he has sought has been done with the utmost love for his daughter. Much like her father, the talented Jennea has her own story of struggle to relate, and it’s one that is still very much evolving.

Here is the thing: Loud Krazy Love does not care if you are a Christian or a Korn fan (or a Christian Korn fan). Welch’s faith is merely the ladder that saved him from the hole in which he was buried, the stepping stone to greater things. If you are the former, this is a story of redemption that is likely to strengthen your beliefs. If you are the latter, well, there is some footage of the band throughout the years that might amuse you. Neither is exactly the point of this story, which, at its heart, is a promise that love can conquer alland as Munky concludes, “God has a plan!” Touched, Cryptic Rock give Loud Krazy Love 4 of 5 stars.

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