Lullwater – Lullwater (album review)

lullwater 2 edited 1 - Lullwater - Lullwater (album review)

Lullwater – Lullwater (album review)

lullwater - Lullwater - Lullwater (album review)

Georgia rockers Lullwater are making a name for themselves in recent years. Consisting of John Strickland (Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Brett Strickland (Lead Guitar), Roy “Ray” Beatty (Bass), and Joe Wilson (Drums) these guys offer a brand of rock different from the cookie cutter sound we have become accustomed to in 2013. For a band with deep influential roots in 90’s rock the guys gathered at the famous London Bridge Studios in Seattle Washington to record their self-titled debut album Lullwater. We are talking about the studio where Pearl Jam’s Ten (1991) and Soundgarden’s Louder Than Love (1989) were created!

From the very first track “Oddline” to the last track “Hello” the album has so much raw power, energy, and emotion. “Tug Of War” will become a personal favorite track and something you will not be able to get out of your head. The track is immediately toe tapping as soon as it starts. Building up and then going straight into a raw feeling of sheer emotion until the end of the track. Other songs to look out for on the album are “Curiosity” and “Walk On By”.  Two tracks which stand out and you can almost feel as if you are in the shoes of the band members themselves. Riddled with a excellent balance of tracks throughout, the final track “Hello” is one that leaves you speechless.  The thirteen minute song is a high-water mark for the band. Doing such a lengthy song on a debut album is a risky choice which honestly most bands fail at. Lullwater takes on that task and knocks it out of the park with this track!

Lullwater is a great listen for anyone that is a fan of southern rock, blues, or just kick ass rock music. The album was recorded entirely on tape which is something that is almost unheard of in the digital world of music we live in today. With that being said your sights are immediately immersed in the true feeling with every lyric that is sung or with every note that is played. When you hear a band do an album on tape recordings you are able to get much better sense of the artist and what they are trying to bring to the table.  Lullwater is an album which will become a huge success for this band and hopefully launch the band’s career. The album most certainly will gain them a strong growing fan base in the coming months. Cryptic Rock gives this album 4.5 out of 5 stars!

lullwater 2 - Lullwater - Lullwater (album review)
Reviewed by Lee Letarte Jr

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Lee Letarte
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Lee Letarte Jr has been a fan of music since the age of 8 when he purchased his first metal/hard rock album Stuck Mojo’s “Snappin Necks” and has been in love with the world of music ever since then. Since the age of 17 till now Lee has attended thousands of concerts, turning his passion for photography and music into one of the biggest parts of his life. While working with and Rock 105.5 “Carolina’s Pure Rock” He is currently in school for Graphic Arts/Advertisement & Design with a minor in Business Administration and Marketing. He makes it a point that whenever he covers a show that he is able to capture the moments to make people who could not be there, feel as if they are there front row. Lee also makes it a priority to attend as many concerts as he can, because he is a firm believer that music makes life that much more epic.

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