Lynch Mob Rise Up In NYC 11-7-17

Lynch Mob Rise Up In NYC 11-7-17

When it comes to a Rock-n-Roll show, a cold and rainy night in New York City is no obstacle for the Rock faithful. Awaiting a great night – whether by train, car, or bus – on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, fiending devotees of the genre made their way to B.B. King Blues Club & Grill off W 42nd Street in Time Square to check out rebel rockers Lynch Mob.

Coming together as a new beginning, Lynch Mob – led by Guitar Virtuoso George Lynch (formerly of Dokken) – have made a name for themselves playing tunes chock-full of heavy grooves, wailing vocals, and shredding guitar licks. In fact, ever since their 1990 debut album Wicked Sensation took Rock by storm, Lynch Mob have consistently immersed themselves in creating music for the people.

Though going on hiatus for much of the latter part of the 1990s era, Lynch Mob would reunite close to the new millennium. Laughing in the face of break-ups, lineup changes, Grunge Rock, and a rapidly evolving music business, Lynch Mob fearlessly remained true to form as they released gritty Rock albums from 1999’s Smoke This through 2015’s Rebel. Today – with no intentions of slowing down – Lynch Mob is on tour supporting their eighth studio album, the chart topping 2017 effort The Brotherhood. 

As anticipation grew amongst a near capacity crowd, the first band – hailing straight out of Bronx, NY – Brand of Julez took the stage, acting as direct support for the evening. Assaulting the senses via blistering Metal riffs, Brand of Julez – fittingly named after brothers Julez Zamora (Vocals/Guitar) and Brandon Zamora (Bass) – are no strangers to the New York City audience. Formed in 2011 – now joined by Chris Nichols (Drums) – these metalheads honed their craft playing in front of huge crowds inside the city’s top venues (Irving Plaza, Webster Hall, Bowery Ballroom) for massive acts like Drowning Pool, Alice Cooper, and Pop Evil. Then, in 2017, Brand of Julez were honored to tour with well known Los Angeles based Metal outfit Otep.

Over the last few years, Brand of Julez have been working with Producer Joey Z (Guitarist for Life of Agony) and plan to release their first full length album in the near future. That in mind, the audience really took to Brand of Julez, loving song after song of shredding guitar, pounding drums, and loud vocals all suggesting influences from Pantera to Sepultura. The brotherly love was present as Brandon and Julez were a cunning duo ripping through a no-nonsense set of Metal while engaging the audience with devil horns and banging heads along the way.

Going on to play a raunchy rendition of Alice In Chain’s “We Die Young,” the band delivered what was – for many – one of the biggest highlights of the set. Grateful to Lynch Mob for bringing them out, Brand of Julez are a trio proud to wave the flag for Metal and made quite the impression on spectators. Keep an eye out for Brand of Julez on the concert circuit near you.

Shortly thereafter, the band of brothers known as Lynch Mob took the stage. Sean Mcnabb (Bass), Jimmy D’Anda (Drums), and the man himself – Guitarist Extraordinaire – Mr. George Lynch arrived on stage to a buzzing crowd who had been awaiting his arrival. Then, spirited Frontman Oni Logan burst on stage introducing the first song  – screaming the title – “Street Fighting Man,” heating up the place. As the song ended, chants of “Lynch Mob! Lynch Mob! Lynch Mob!” began and could be heard all night.

Logan – feeding off the energy of this amped-up audience – rocked through “She’s Evil But She’s Mine” before taking it “Down, Down, Down,” as the lyrics go, to the “River Of Love.” Asking for the crowd’s help in singing the songs, Logan explained he came down with a cold following the band’s tour of the great white north – though he notably gave it his all and sounded great. “Believers of the Day” was up next, followed by new cut “Main Offender,” off The Brotherhood. 

Not forgetting the most crowd-pleasing portion of their setlist, Lynch Mob dove head-first into the Dokken catalogue, feeding the crowd a fix of hair-raising 1980’s classics. First, the ultra-heavy “When Heaven Comes Down” slammed like hurricane force winds before “Into The Fire” and “The Hunter” whipped the crowd into a frenzy. This is while – in true Rock fashion –  Lynch absolutely ripped on guitar to the crowd’s amazement, leading fans to shout “George is in the house!”

Additionally, “Testify” and “Where Do You Sleep At Night?” seemlessly kept the flow before Logan introduced the most electrifying performance of the show – Lynch performing Dokken instrumental “Mr. Scary.” “It’s time to unleash the beast!” – Logan declared. In a moment of pure savagery, Lynch annihilated the room as he shred like a madman. Note for note, Lynch’s execution is lightning fast, yet so well articulated, he is – bar none – an Olympian at his instrument. After the song ended, Lynch deservingly drew immense praise from both the crowd and his bandmates alike.

In the home stretch, Logan took the time to thank the Lynch Mob faithful for their never-ending support, stating there would be no Lynch Mob without the fans. Taking it back to where it all began – as Logan says – the infectious “Wicked Sensation” attracted the loudest sing along of the night out of a lively crowd. Then, as the end appeared close and the band exited the stage, no one moved a muscle, awaiting the encore. Finally, Lynch Mob return to the stage for an all-out Blues jam before cutting into another new tune – a satisfyingly heavy cut off The Brotherhood – “Mr. Jekyll and Hyde.” Lastly, like a bat out of hell, Lynch Mob gave one more crushing number with Dokken’s ferocious “Tooth and Nail.” A striking conclusion, the crowd, made up of the truest Rock fans, overwhelmingly gave a rousing ovation as Lynch Mob took a final bow.

Overall, Lynch Mob impressed not only through song but with how great the band perform on stage. Lynch Mob is indeed a brotherhood – as Logan professed earlier in the night – and it boldly showed with each passing minute. The members of Lynch Mob possess an ability to work well as a unit, which is not only a testament to the band but a testament to the music. A show well-worth the price of admission, Lynch Mob will be on the road into 2018, so catch them in your city for a sweet Rock-n-Roll experience!

Photos by: Aintellin Photography

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