Matisyahu comes alive at Beer Fields Craft Beer & Music Festival Pennysaver Ampitheater Farmingville, NY 6-21-14

Matisyahu comes alive at Beer Fields Craft Beer & Music Festival Pennysaver Ampitheater Farmingville, NY 6-21-14

After years of dormancy with little to no outlets for musical expression, Long Island, NY has re-evolved as a cultural hub for homegrown talent as well as a place national acts land to perform. What was once a rare occurrence to have a popular artist play the area now seems like each month’s calendar is filled with great shows. Part of the rejuvenated art scene is Beer Fields Craft Beer and Music Festival. Established in 2012, the festival has regularly been held at Pennysaver Amphitheater in Farmingville, NY combining music and beer for a day of fun. Featuring over 50+ Breweries with 150+ Beers, the festival has also included musical performances by Sublime with Rome in 2012, The Dirty Heads and The Wailers in 2013, and now headliner Matisyahu in 2014. Held on Saturday June 21st, the festival was packed with those sampling craft beers while listening to local bands such as Nonstop To Cairo, Funkin’ A, The Warden and F.A.M.E., Soul Junkies, as well as Baltimore, MD band BALLYHOO. Each band provided a nice mix of hip hop, reggae, funk, and rock for the perfect early summer celebration.

After a long day of sampling beers from local breweries, as well as American classics and exciting imports, attendants were treated to a fun and relaxing evening at the main stage with Matisyahu. Actively creating music now for over a decade, Matisyahu’s rise to fame came in 2005 with Top 40 single “King Without a Crown”. Since that time he has toured all over the world, built a massive fan base, and released five studio albums including his most recent Akeda out as of June 3rd. Blending reggae, rock, and hip hop, he and his band known as the Dub Trio was the fitting ending to the day.

Dancing all day long, the crowd’s energy-level picked up a notch as they moved toward the barricades waiting for Matisyahu to take the stage. It was clear from the dreidel cut outs and enthusiastic singing to each song that the audience was made up of many dedicated fans. With inviting beats and tranquil melodies, he treated the crowd to a good mix of new and older tracks including “Surrender”, “Star on The Rise”, and “King Without a Crown”. Keeping the audience’s attention, Matisyahu put on a great set that was quite enjoyable to those that were unfamiliar with his music well. The most unifying moment of course was when he played his well-known 2009 song “One Day” which everyone in crowd came alive to, singing along and getting lost in the music. To many, Matisyahu’s style and stage presence is a captivating experience. He added to that experience by even bringing a large number of them on stage towards the end of his set to help him sing along, clearly making the night for everyone invited to participate.

Overall Beer Fields Craft Beer and Music Festival’s third annual gathering was a great time for all and Matisyahu closed out the night perfectly. He put on a fantastic live performance that was relaxing after a long day in the sun, yet upbeat and entertaining for all. He is certainly a performer that ensures all fans have a good time while at his live performances. With energy and enthusiasm, it would seem Matisyahu loves what he is doing which makes for a much more intense viewing experience. Matisyahu will be playing numerous festivals all summer long in support of Akeda so be sure to check him out.

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Jenn Curtis has been attending concerts since high school and recently found herself on the other side of the barricade. She enjoys everything from country to metal however she most often finds herself listening to rock and hardcore music. Her love for music has led her to music photography, writing reviews of shows and albums, and interviewing bands. While she has not been at it long she is extremely dedicated and attends as many shows as she can. Jenn is currently in college at SUNY Albany in New York pursing her bachelor’s in Political Science as well as a Master’s in Public Administration. She currently runs her own small zine, Edge of the Dream, as well as helps out at Make Waves, a friend’s zine.

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