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Mayday Parade – Lofi (EP Review)

Mayday Parade 2024

Mayday Parade has teamed up with Lo-fi Finnish Producer Less Gravity to form their new Lofi EP. Released on March 8, 2024, the EP takes five of their greatest hits and puts them into lo-fi type tracks.

From the originals to the lo-fi versions, there were only two that do not change much in the way of sounds. Those being “Oh Well, Oh Well,” and “Terrible Things;” as they already possessed a more calm sense to them anyway.

This in mind, when people think of Mayday Parade, they think of the Alternative Rock genre… so you are bound to have the electric guitar and a drum base. Their tracks “Jamie All Over,” “Miserable at Best,” and “Jersey” are prime examples of that. When converted to lo-fi, the instrumental base is changed to a piano/string base, and this brings a fun little twist to the music.

However, one huge difference from the originals to the lo-fi tracks is that the lyrics are removed. Mayday Parade is often known for their attention grabbing lyrics; so, to see these versions without them, make it interesting to say the least. Considering everything, a standout favorite on this EP would have to be “Jamie All Over.” With the original being mostly electric guitar and drum heavy, seeing it mixed and mastered as a lo-fi track, without overdoing it, is quite pleasant to hear. 

Overall, Mayday Parade’s Lofi EP is interesting, but may lead to some confusion among listeners. That is why, because of the difficulty at times to recognize what track you are listening to, Cryptic Rock gives this EP 4 out of 5 stars.

Mayday Parade lofi
Mayday Parade – Lofi / Many Hats Distribution (2024)

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