Meg Myers – TZIA (Album Review)

A leading torchbearer in the world of singer-writers, Meg Myers is a throwback of sorts. In a time where it seems the singer-songwriter in the Pop world seemingly have all but disappeared, Myers gives hope. Writing music since she was very young, Myers got her first taste of being a part of a major label when signing on with Atlantic Records in 2012. There she released a couple of EPs, her debut album Sorry in 2015, before releasing the powerful Take Me to the Disco in 2018 through 300 Entertainment. Showing her refusal to conform to one style or sound, she then turned many heads with a stellar cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” in 2019… and please keep in mind this predates Stranger Things’ over-exposure of the song, resulting in a trend of covers. At this point making an impression on an even larger audience, Myers returns in a big way in 2023 with her brand-new album TZIA.

Her third overall release with Sumerian Records since signing on with them a few years ago, and first full-length album with the label, TZIA hit the public back on March 24, 2023. A big turning point in Myers’ artistic progression, many of the tracks that make up the album had been out for a bit prior to the full-length album; this included the 2022 singles “HTIS” “CHILDREN OF LIGHT II,” “SOPHIA <144>,” plus the early 2023 singles “ME” and “MY MIRROR.” Five of the fifteen tracks that make of the new album, in summary, they all feature a bold new direction for Myers. Dark, intense, and very engaging, they are pretty good samples of what the remainder TZIA offers.

Now, it is important to note that Myers is a songwriter who does not have one approach to any song, or album to be more specific. Furthermore, she does not have singular style or sound in mind. Instead, Myers writes what she feels and does not limit herself in how she wants to present these ideas. This factor could very much be why her talents are not a good fit for a major record label; because she is not going to mold herself just to make it on the radio or fulfill any image one has in mind for her. Very admirable, this is vital to recognize, because then you will understand everything you get from her is genuine.

Letting this sink in, the overall vibe of TZIA is very different than anything Myers has done prior. Electronic at times, like Take Me to the Disco, yet there is still a very unique feel to TZIA. Leaving this to each listener to discover, there are many emotions stirring amidst the songs; ranging from observations of modern culture (as heard on “CHILDREN OF LIGHT II,” “T33NAGERS,” or “SOPHIA <144>”), to manifesting new thoughts (as offered on “A NEW SOCIETY”), to introspective looks (as displayed on “MY MIRROR” and “SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH”) And then there are the intimately, open, honest offering about sexuality including “HTIS” and “ME.”

Overall, Myers digs very deep with TZIA to bring one of her most ambitious records to date. Blunt, real, and raw at times, it feels like a liberating exposé into self-discovery. As mentioned, the singer-songwriter well has seemingly run dry in the mainstream world… but Meg Myers is a shining light. And if you are new to her music, if you are a fan of the likes of Sinéad O’Connor, Alanis Morisette, or Jewel, you will love the sphere Meg Myers is coming from. An impactful, brazen step forward, Cryptic Rock gives TZIA 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Meg Myers – TZIA / Sumerian Records (2023)

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