Megadeth, Fear Factory, & Nonpoint erupt at the City National Grove of Anaheim, CA 12-17-13

dave cover - Megadeth, Fear Factory, & Nonpoint erupt at the City National Grove of Anaheim, CA 12-17-13

Megadeth, Fear Factory, & Nonpoint erupt at the City National Grove of Anaheim, CA 12-17-13

2013 was a tour filled craze for metal titans Megadeth. In promotion of their latest album Super Collider there has been at least 4 concerts within the year just in the Southern California area alone. With the year coming to an end, Megadeth joined forces with Fear Factory and Nonpoint at City National Grove in Anaheim on Tuesday night December 17th. Fans of all types packed the venue in excitement to see these rockers do what they built a name on, and that is stellar performances.

First up was Nonpoint kicking off their 30 minute set with “Broken Bones”. Nonpoint has made a living off exciting audiences with in your face stage presence which never disappoints. A large portion of the crowd familiar with the band sang along with each of their songs. With Elias Soriano and Rob Riviera the only original members, the new line-up with Adam Woloszyn and Rasheed Thomas have really gelled well. Soriano put on his typical sore throat vocal thrashing, while showing warmth and a good sense of humor with audience. Woloszyn showed a lot of energy doing high jumps in the air while playing the tunes and Thomas dreads whipped around his face he put his heart into the performance. They closed out with their most popular song “Bullet with a Name” which really elevated the energy level of the crowd with plenty of movement to end the set strongly.

Next up hometown favorites Fear Factory took the stage. With Fear Factory as direct support act for Megadeth there was excitement amongst all in attendance. They opened up with the title track “The Industrialist” off their 2012 album The Industrialist. The combination of Mike Heller’s drums and Dino Cazares’ signature shredding created an amazing sound for everyone to bang their head to. Burton C Bell’s vocals battled through the performance like the veteran he is, sounding well-rounded when he went into some of the bands classic tunes including “Martyr” from in the beginning over 2 decades ago. The set ended with a few songs from one of Fear Factory’s most popular album Demanufacture (1995). For many the performance was a spectacle to set their eyes upon as this was their first time seeing Fear Factory performance and most definitely won’t be the last. The band will be in the Southern Cali next on January 18th for a headlining performance at Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, which promises to be an experience to attend.

Catching their breath from the blunt trauma to their bodies, fans were ready chanting “Megadeth, Megadeth” over and over. The lights went down and the intro to “Prince of Darkness” blasted through the air. Three massive screens showed the formation of the Megadeth logo. As soon as the full logo emerged drummer, Shawn Drover stood raising his sticks in front of his kit looking down on the screaming fans. Bass player David Ellefson was next to come out on stage egging the crowd as the rest of the band came out. The metal assault kicked off with “Hanger 18” which was only the beginning of what would be a superb setlist. Leader Dave Mustaine and guitarist Chris Broderick’s playing was synchronized perfectly as if the two were joined at the hip. As the band was finished up “Sweating Bullets” the crowd was given a very special treat of the seldom performed track “Devil’s Island”. The fans went nuts on the floor as the song played reveling in the moment. Soon after that they played “A Tout Le Monde” with Broderick’s solo echoing perfectly.

Mixing things up the band played a few tracks off Super Collider between the classics. Deep into the set Mustaine dedicated the track “She-Wolf” to all the female Megadeth fans in the audience. Mustaine also went onto thank Anaheim since he considers this a hometown show, living a mere drive south on I-5.

After a brief intermission, Ellefson’s shined with his notorious bass solo to “Peace Sells” leaving the stage upon completion. No way ready to call it a night fans chanted “Megadeth, Megadeth” and the band came out for an encore. Mustaine addressed the audience stating they were going to do an old song off Killing is My Business . . . and Business is Good (1985). He then blasted off into “Rattlehead” stating “This song is dedicated to people who like to punish posers”. The longtime Megadeth fans exploded in madness at this pleasant surprise. The epic night ended with “Holy Wars” which was an amazing way to close out another memorable Megadeth concert.

Megadeth’s interaction with the audience was superb, from Ellefson and Drover pumping up the crowd to Broderick’s smiling and finger-pointing, and Mustaine talking to the crowd and even shaking hands with a boy in the crowd. As the evening came to a close, fans filed out of the City National Grove of Anaheim in ecstasy replaying the performance over and over in their heads.

Written by Karina Diane Parker

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