Metric – Formentera II (Album Review)

Out of Canada, Metric are one of those bands which have been around a lot longer than some might realize. In some people’s minds more a modern band, in truth, their origins date back twenty-five years! First putting out music as early as 1998, their progress has been a steady trajectory, making them an extremely unique, special act. Experimenting with Electronic Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop, and even some Punk, no one can argue at this point that Metric is quite distinctive from the moment you hear them.

These factors in mind, their lineup has stood strong with Emily Haines, James Shaw, Joshua Scott-Key, and Joshua Winstead for the duration. Fitting together perfectly, some highlights in their career thus far include albums such as 2009’s Fantasies, 2012’s Synthetica, and perhaps a more mainstream introduction for some, 2010’s Twilight Soundtrack track, “Eclipse” (All Yours).” Of course, there has been much more to talk about with Metric in-between, and this includes their most recent efforts. Putting out Formentera in 2022, now in 2023, they quickly return with Formentera II.

Released on October 13th, Formentera II was born during the same recording sections as Formentera over the past few years. That said, while they may have taken shape around the same period, some might argue they are different animals. While this is true, when looking at these two albums side by side, they really do embody everything Metric has represented musically for over two plus decades. Although, separately, there are differences amidst the materials.

Concentrating on Formentera II, the album consists of nine tracks that offer a whole lot. What this means is there are no dull moments to be found. Furthermore, the hybrid of electronic sounds with more acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and live drums mesh flawlessly together. Largely in part due to the band’s impeccable songwriting skills together, but also very much a product of the co-engineering and co-production trinity of Jimmy Shaw, Liam O’Neil, and Gus van Go, the album hits on nearly every front.

Boiling it down, some big moments include the dancy “Detour Up,” the singles “Just The Once” “Nothing is Perfect,” moody “Stone Window,” Electronic Pop odyssey “Descendants,” plus very emotional closer “Go Ahead And Cry” which feels like something the Beatles may have recorded.

Overall, Formentera II is not let down. If anything, this new album proves that plenty of worthy song ideas can come out of one recording session that can make up two full-length albums without any filler. A testament to this delightful band that is a shining light in the modern Alternative Rock world, Cryptic Rock gives Formentera II 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Metric – Formentera II / Thirty Tigers Records (2023)

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