MGT – Gemini Nyte (Album Review)

MGT – Gemini Nyte (Album Review)

These days, it is quite challenging to create any music of an original and meaningful nature, yet, it is not completely impossible. In many cases, listening satisfaction can be found in a new collaboration utilizing the same style that has always worked for a particular artist in the past. That in mind, in the land of British guitarists with a broad range of collaborative efforts, Mark Gemini Thwaite has quite the impressive track record.

Highly skilled and accomplished, although Thwaite has only been putting out solo albums under his initials MGT since 2016, perhaps this is the start of something new and exciting. In the past, he has garnered success working with other various singers including Peter Murphy and Thin Lizzy’s Ricky Warwick. A résumé that is impressive and long, perhaps Thwaite is best known for his time in the UK band The Mission, but still, chances are you know plenty of other projects he has worked on. Now Thwaite is back, teaming up with South African born Singer Ashton Nyte of The Awakening for his latest MGT album, entitled Gemini Nyte

Thirteen tracks in total, it is available to the masses on Friday, February 23, 2018 thanks to Cleopatra Records. With Ashton Nyte’s deeply strong Peter Murphy-esque vocals and the catchy guitar rhythms, MGT puts out some fun, inspiring Goth and Alternative Rock that will keep listeners engaged throughout. Immediately turning heads, “All The Broken Things” starts the album with a catchy Goth undertone. This feeling glides right into “Every Little Dream,” which is very reminiscent of The Cure and Peter Murphy with a darkly happy Alternative Rock sense. Then there is “Dystopia,” a definite highlight with a slightly heavier guitar styling and power-driven vocals. 

Moving into a more epic tone, a Gothic mini ballad is born with “Trading Faces.” It is the perfect song to put in front of the standout “Everything Undone,” which switches from lullaby lyrics to a more Industrial Goth jam. Featuring the somewhat recycled witty lyrics “I had too much to dream last night,” nonetheless the structured arrangement hits well above the mark. In a live setting, it will carry its intent above and beyond expectation.

While it seems nothing can top the first half of Gemini Nyte, the second half dives even more into the Goth element with “The Reaping Reprise.” Then there is an interesting cover of Soft Cell’s “Say Hello Wave Goodbye,” a moment which seems to fit right in with the pace being presented. Nearing the end, “Armageddons Sideshow” brings on a carnival of familiar faces and tricks to enjoy. Lastly, a surprising cover of Stone Temple Pilots’ “Atlanta” is brought into the spotlight with acoustic guitar work and a debonair vocal arrangement. 

As mentioned, creating something new from scratch is a huge challenge with how much history that has already been taken place since humans first walked the Earth. Therefore, it is almost equally as masterful reinventing the wheel that strays just enough from the original form yet keeps the key elements. This is what Ashton Nyte and Mark Gemini Thwaite have successfully accomplished with Gemini Nyte. They have made a style all their own that is exciting and modern despite the use of vintage undertones. For this and for its sheer cohesive sound, CrypticRock gives Gemini Nyte 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

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