Mirzadeh – Desired Mythic Pride (Album Review)

miazadeh1 - Mirzadeh - Desired Mythic Pride (Album Review)

Mirzadeh – Desired Mythic Pride (Album Review)

mirazdeh photo - Mirzadeh - Desired Mythic Pride (Album Review)

Melting faces since 2000, Mirzadeh hails from the mysteriously beautiful land of Alajärvi, Finland. Original Members Mirox (lead vocals and guitar), Shagul (lead guitar), Exitus (keyboard), Fafner (drums), and since 2001, Lues (bass) first showed up in the metal scene with the release of three studio demos. First Demon,Profetia, and Sweet Souls of Shadows were released between 2000 and 2002 before slamming the world with their first full length album Ancient Rites in 2003, followed by The Creatures of Loviatar in 2006.  In 2014, the much anticipated Desired Mythic Pride has been a long time coming in both the Scandinavian countries and the US.

Coming at the listener full-force, the album opens with the hard-hitting track “Secrets” which is a killer mix of mid-line vocal screams, heavy drum beats and repetitive guitar riffs as keyboard melodies carry the tune in true Finnish fashion.  This leads into “The Forger of Celestial Sphere”, a darker, slower track with a symphony of clean original vocals of despair and war. Deep growls of Mirox and classic keyboards of Exitus mesh into a black ocean of deep, whining guitars that complete this track masterpiece. On “Aino,” which in English means The Only, a monstrous awaking of the senses occurs; combining soft-spoken baritone singing and deep screams over thunderous drum beats and hexing keyboards. The tracks is followed by a circus dreamland on “Ukon Vakka,” which is a rapid-paced Finish sung track that distorts the mind and soul with the collaboration of high-toned Shagul’s lead guitar work. Mid-line, bone-chilling clean vocal screams carry an undertone of brilliantly mastered melodies all wrapped up in a tingling drumbeat of nightmarish proportions that does not cease into “Rain of Blood.” The sharp, keyboard-drawn tune carries into a mysterious feeling of melancholy and fear, along with deeply hammered guitars and low growls of the insane bass line setting up in frozen fields of sadness.

The vivid instrumentation’s thawing gracefully flows into “The Washed Yards.”  This lighter side of Mirzadeh is a refreshing tribute to Finnish pride, and leading the fight, Mirox devours his audience with his clean and deep vocal mixes.  This is complemented by an almost cheerful keyboard rhythm that is masked by the heavy drums and serious guitar riffs opening way for “Demented Visions of Madness.”  Precisely fitting to its name, this latter mentioned track is a roller coaster of demented visions; galloping drum beats fitting inside a soft pillow of funhouse keyboards with devilishly low growls and mellow guitars.  This is followed by the Scandinavian pain-driven Finnish sung track of “Myrkkymieli,” which translates into Poison The Mind. This unbelievably fast song continues with the symphonic melodies led by the keyboard, echoed with drums, and high deafening screams are the finishing touch to this hardcore song of passion.  The song “Lost” is a mind blowing electric slap of guitars and grunts which play way to harmonic melodies, all led by a mystical array of  passionate lyrics about strength. Certain to leave some short of breath, the instant ear-pleasing of the symphonic ballad melodies comes together on “The Plains of Time” with an overall musical brilliance of high clean screams backed with sharp clean vocals. A deep voice narration catapults into a wormhole of fast drum beats that sails into a black cloud of symphonic bliss.  This leads into the final chapter of the dark fairy-tale known as Mirzadeh with “Rise With Northern Witchcraft.”   This final page of Pagan magic features high and low bellows coordinated in perfect time with intense guitars that resonate with a dark melody of silent whispers.

Once again Mirzadeh has managed to take their listeners on an adventure through time, pride and true Finish mystery. Lyrically, the album stays true to the Finnish statement “rohkeimmat rohkea. pienin pieni” which translates into “the bravest of the brave. the smallest of the small.”  With their forceful drums, amazingly smooth vocals, enchanting keyboard melodies, and solid guitars; Desired Mythic Pride is guaranteed to not leave the listener disappointed.  This album packs enough punch to leave those which dare listen in a joyful madding fit of tears that will stick to their gut and soften their blackened soul.   CrypticRock gives this album 5 out of 5 stars.

miazadeh - Mirzadeh - Desired Mythic Pride (Album Review)



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