Misery Index – Complete Control (Album Review)

Misery Index – Complete Control (Album Review)

Death Metal and all it’s sub-genres have seemingly thrived in a pandemic ridden world…and that is a positive trait. With bands from all around the globe making up the scene, America is also letting their voice be heard and Misery Index certainly bring an A-game with their brand new album Complete Control.

Released on Friday, May 13, 2022 through their new label Century Media Records, Complete Control is a seriously brutal force to be reckoned with. A follow up to 2019’s Rituals of Power, and the band’s seventh overall studio album, Complete Control features nine fire breathing tracks that breeds Hardcore and Grindcore vibes. A band that has always offered a unique take on genres of Metal, they not only excel musically, but they also convey a confident verbal delivery as well. Now, while most bands choose a lengthier presentation than 34 minutes in total for an album, Misery Index’s Complete Control is exactly as long as it needs to be to get across a powerful, speedy, aggressive message.

Starting off the assault on the senses, “Administer The Dagger” is actually the longest song of the entire album at four and a half minutes long. Starting out slowly, it features a direct message that ultimately speeds into a tornado of brutal Death Metal. Then the growls and grunts of “The Eaters And The Eaten” takes a bite out of the ears of all who are brave enough to listen. This is before the album’s title-track proves to be one of the most solidly structured song the entire new collection with plenty of ear-tingling guitar solos.

The excruciating turmoil of life is hurled into listener’s ears and this furious approach is consistently executed throughout Complete Control. This is demonically apparent with “Necessary Suffering” which features more raging vocals antics from Jason Netherton, but also his bass work on “Conspiracy Of None.” Spinning out at the tail end of the album is “Infiltrators” which is a definite hardcore journey to the death, something that will be surely appreciated by mosh pit lovers. This is also the case with “Reciprocal Repulsion” before the short but bittersweet and abrupt ending heard on closer “Now Defied.” 

Veterans, and together for over two decades now, Misery Index’s Complete Control is arguably their most exciting release yet. Thankfully they let out their fury by writing a new album during the pandemic because now they are ready to tour in 2022. Most people prefer quality over quantity any day of the week, and that is exactly what Complete Control brings to the fight. Impressed with their efforts, Cryptic Rock gives Misery Index’s latest album 5 out of 5 stars. 

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