Misfits Haunt Playstation Theater, NYC 10-27-15 w/ She Demons

misfits for slide - Misfits Haunt Playstation Theater, NYC 10-27-15 w/ She Demons

Misfits Haunt Playstation Theater, NYC 10-27-15 w/ She Demons

Rising from the grave during the emergence of Punk Rock in the United States was a group of horrifying creatures from Lodi, New Jersey. They stood out from the crowd and introduced themselves as the Misfits in 1977. An all around legacy, where diversified acts such as Metallica, NOFX and My Chemical Romance have paid tribute these painted fiend skull leaders by performing a cover or two in their honor. Known for beating their own drum and not caring about the Punk, Metal or any genre protocol, has made them a true surviving success by inspiring many acts of today and tomorrow. Effortlessly intertwining a Monster Mash mix of sounds including, Horror, Doo Wop, Punk, Metal and down right Rock-n-Roll, led them to be a pioneering act in the Horror-Punk genre.

The Misfits faced a near ten year hiatus after Glenn Danzig’s departure in 1983, however, fiends know how to be resurrected. Battling constant lineup changes ever since including the latest Dez Cadena, who left late spring of 2015. After the most recent shuffled lineup emerged, which includes the infamous Jerry Only (bass/vocals), Eric Arce (drums) and Only’s son, Jerry Caifa Jr. (guitar), all came to place just before the launch of the Static Age Revisited tour that was announced last Summer. Signed by their own Misfits Records and no mention of a follow-up from 2011’s The Devil’s Rain, aside from the two new tracks “Zombie Girl” and the b-side “Vampire Girl,” can only show that this tour would be filled with old school surprises.

Approaching the near forty-year mark, it was time to set the beast free for a world tour as Only wanted to focus on the early 1977-1983 days. The Static Age Revisited North American Tour was kicked off on October 16th and will wrap up on November 27th in Chicago. Along with them is Only’s founding all female Rock group from Los Angeles, California, She Demons. On Tuesday October 27th fans rushed out to Times Square, Manhattan at the Playstation Theatre to celebrate Halloween early with the band that shows every day is Halloween. Promising to give New York City a special Trick or Treat by performing the debut 1982’s Walk Among Us and its follow up 1983’s Earth A.D. in its entirety. The mix between these two from the epic Horror-Punk sound to the second edgier Hardcore vibe made this the perfect back to back dosage.

Starting the night with Misfits’ own villainous creation, She Demons stepped onto the stage for the first time ever in New York City. The crowd was ready to see Priya Panda (vocals), Constance Day (guitar), Alicia Vigil (bass), Jessica Goodwin (drums) and Kiki Wongo (guitar) massacre the spotlight. Known for intertwining Motown, Metal and Horror, thanks to Misfits mastermind Only, the audience were sure in for an awakening treat. Illuminating energy right from the start had many fiend’s hooked from the get-go as “Fresh Blood” bit right in. After the ferocious leader Panda warmed up on a few tunes for the crowd, it was time for the sixties Ronettes cover of “Be My Baby” to shine. Rolling in heavy as each member rocked with fearless professionalism, swayed into the next “Once Bitten” followed by the Jerry Only collaboration piece of “She Demon.” While the set was nearly halfway through, fans appeared to enjoy these Runaways-Girlschool dominators as they dove into “Be Still My Heart.” Panda conversed with the crowd, introducing the next by stating, “this one is about monsters, aliens and shit” and went into the horrifying “B-Movie.” As their set was coming to a close, it was best to leave the crowd with a Punk Rocker energy as they closed with the Ramones cover of “Strength to Endure,” followed by their own “Halfway to Hell.” These women speak confidence behind their instruments and ring fear into the fire of the audience as they will definitely be around for a while. No date has been announced, however, a debut album will be released sometime this Fall.

As the speakers blasted Volbeat, it reminded a few Rockers in the crowd of Only’s appearance at Volbeat’s show not too long ago last June in Hammerstein Ballroom. Meanwhile, more fans piled inside the Playstation Theater dressed up as unwanted and fearful creatures before all Hallows Eve ignited, as they screamed with excitement. Proving that everyday is Halloween with a decorative stage of skulls decked out across the platform. The lights dimmed, fans screamed and a cryptic skull creature shocked all by walking across the platform pointing out people in the venue. He pleasantly surprised all as Only led the band to 1978, when 1997’s Static Age was originally recorded, and went into “Static Age,” “Hybrid Moments,” “Some Kinda Hate” and “Last Caress.” Keeping his promise, it was time for Walk Among Us to reign over the venue. A remarkable performance, despite the newest members including the latest edition of Caifa Jr, they belt out each track as though the record was spinning live for all. Moving along with “20 Eyes,” “I Turned Into a Martian,” “All Hell Breaks Loose” and “Vampira” startled a moshing riot in the pit, as many rejoiced with devilish pleasure.

While a few members in the crowd lifted up in the air with raised fists and cheers, the album flew by with “Nike-A-Go-Go,” “Hate Breeders,” and “Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight.” Historically known to not play by the rules, Only mixed up the arrangement and went into “London Dungeon.” As the album was coming to a near end, Only picked up the pace to an exuberating speed and closed with, “Night of the Living Dead,” “Skulls,” “Violent World,” “Devil’s Whorehouse,” “Astro Zombies” and lastly “Braineaters.” While everyone managed to reminisce and cherish this deliciously horrifying album live, Only went into a beastly change of direction. Making sure to keep everyone on their toes and having no expectations, it was time to bring a dosage of 1999’s Famous Monsters with selected songs of “Kong at the Gates (Instrumental),” “The Forbidden Zone,” “Scream,” “Die Monster Die,” “Haunting Humans,” and “Saturday Night.”

As the set seemed to be hitting at a steady flow, Only took a moment to introduce a special guest to the plank as Vigil from She Demons waltzed on stage with her bass during the latest “Vampire Girl.” While the crowd enjoyed the new tune, Only went back to the promised direction and introduced 1983’s Earth A.D. as “the album that changed the planet and broke my fucking band.” Playing through the album fast and heavy had many crowd surfing during “Earth A.D,” “Queen Wasp,” “Devilock,” and “Death Comes Ripping.” Bleeding out the natural Hardcore tone, they moved the audience to a stirring frenzy as “Green Hell,” “Wolfs Blood,” “Demonmania,” “Bloodfest” and “Hellhound” pounded in. The notorious “Die, Die My Darling” and the closing of Earth A.D of “We Bite” exploded out of the speakers, which caused a circle pit filled with rebellious mayhem.

Despite the massive set that was displayed, Only still had quite a few tricks up his sleeve as “We Are 138” from Static Age crushed in. Moving in a variety of directions and never leaving the stage for a full out break or encore, the latest “Zombie Girl” embarked followed by “Dig Up Her Bones” from 1997’s American Psycho. Only expressed to his fellow fiends how he’s been doing this for 38 and a half years, and was thankful for his fans and his nephew for showing up. After performing over forty songs straight in a row, it was time for the grand finale. Saving the ultimate treat for last with “Halloween” from the never released 12 Hits From Hell ended the night of Horror.

The Misfits delivered a monstrous performance, where everyone was left stunned with the massive surprises. Only’s commendable dedication was perfectly showcased as he hinted that he will return with a new album soon enough. The tour continues throughout North America in November and after a few months break, they will be hitting up Russia in March 2016.

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