Moon Taxi – Let The Record Play (Album Review)

Begun when two high school buddies left Alabama for college in Nashville, Trevor Ternup (vocals, guitar) and Tommy Putnam (bass) were destined to meet musicians Spencer Thomson (guitar), Wes Bailey (keyboards), and Tyler Ritter (drums) to create Moon Taxi.

After a long run with 12th South Records, who produced such albums as 2007’s Melodica and 2012’s Cabaret, in September of 2017 Moon Taxi signed on with RCA Records, preparing to take the next step in their career. Bringing their sound, that has been compared to Kings of Leon with a bit of Widespread Panic, the melodic voice of Terndup and soothing strumming of Thomson has certainly formed a sound that is now clearly their own. That in mind, on Friday, January 19, 2018, Moon Taxi returns with another Spencer Thomson production, their first with RCA, and their 5th album overall, Let The Record Play.  

With all the political division, our society is pulled between supporting our president or demanding impeachment, and wondering what is in store for us as a people. There is one thing for certain, our lives have been more intertwined than ever in support of each other. Moon Taxi has expressed the real need we have as individuals to escape from ourselves from time to time, while still learning, growing, experiencing life as we create it day by day. This year will see a bolder Moon Taxi willing to expose the reality of life, one that unfolds each day. As we grow, being true to ourselves, and being honest with each other, we can change the world just by embracing ourselves, being reminded to Let The Record Play.

Complete with ten new songs, the album cover artwork alone reminds us that life is full of color and beauty if we choose to see it. The jamming sounds, the catchy lyrics, all serve as a reminder to smile and enjoy life, come what may! Seeking their own voices, they bring an honest view of letting go of all we think we are. For example, the single “Two High” is so upbeat you will find yourself smiling at the fun of it all. In fact, you may even feel like you are at a festival in your own living room, jumping around with two fingers up in victory. Another single, “Good as Gold,” encourages us to focus on our lives and materialize yours for the better. These are the songs that make us love Moon Taxi!

Set to play shows all through February, with a few in March, Moon Taxi will also be heading to the upcoming Bonnaroo Festival in June as they take their Let The Record Play on tour for 2018. Hopefully they will offer a good dose of the new album including “Moving To The City.” Songs such as these can help listeners reach that decisive moment when we choose change or when we can sing along to “No More Worry,” freeing ourselves from ourselves. Honestly, there is really nothing to not love everything about Let The Record Play. It is so happy and upbeat even in the sadder tracks such as “Not Too Late” still offers hope. Hope in the idea that maybe it is not too late for whatever it is we want. Going for our dreams is key with Let The Record Play, and it rounds up wonderful with a complete message of love on the finale cut “The Way.” 

All of Let The Record Play is easy to relate to. Over the years since their college days, and the original formation of themselves as Moon Taxi, they have grown up, matured, and determined what their style would speak for. It is all about escape in those moments when life can be hard. They have learned and are here to share all that they have learned on Let The Record Play. Unabashedly experimenting with a more robust horn section, writing lyrics that tell secrets of fears, longings, and hopes with their level up attitude that shows through each and every song on Let The Record Play, enjoy the ride Moon Taxi takes you on, it is worth the trip! For these reasons, CrypticRock gives this album 5 out of 5 stars.

Let The Record Play:

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