Moonspell – From Down Below – Live 80 Meters Deep (Live Album Review)

There is some great news on the Gothic Metal frontlines… Portugal’s own Moonspell has released a live album that specifically covers their outstanding 2021 release Hermitage. Entitled From Down Below – Live 80 Meters Deep, and released on Blu-Ray/DVD and as a standalone album September 23, 2022 via Napalm Records, it was filmed/recorded underground at one of Portugal’s seven natural wonders; Grutas de Mira D’Aire. An interesting place to capture a live recording, for American fans who sorely missed out on Moonspell’s 2022 tour, which was sadly canceled, watching this special live performance of Hermitage will bring some black-hearted joy back into their lives.

Looking back, Hermitage was a pleasant and enjoyable addition to Moonspell’s discography; it was one with lots of beautiful melodic guitar moments, and stirred in with Fernando Ribeiro’s gothic wails of charming lyrics, the momentum speaks throughout the whole journey. 

For this special live performance, Fernando Ribeiro is of course on vocals while Ricardo Amorim is on the guitars/backing vocals, while Pedro Paixão takes on the keys/guitar, Aires Pereira is on bass, and Hugo Ribeiro tackles the drums. A tight lineup, it is highly recommended to watch the performance, and not just listen, because the visual strongly enhances the performance even more with Moonspell’s passionate stage presence. With this you get a fantastic look into the ten tracks that make up Hermitage.

The unique experience of playing a whole album live from start to finish is a great idea; it keeps spirits high, helps a band stay relevant in spite of unsolvable logistics. With the unpredictability of today’s world, it makes sense to get as much out material as possible. This idea in mind, the lights and stage setting for this live recording is quite impressive. Furthermore, having the performance be underground 80 meters deep adds a darkened charm to the entire vibe.

Leaders in the world of Gothic Metal, Moonspell never seem to lack on any forefront of their music and are more alive than ever. Hermitage has some really admirable tracks, and it definitely serves the audience well to play it from start to finish. Hearing Moonspell makes fans want more of this kind of music, but the truth is no one does it like they do, and that is just one more reason to love this band.

Looking forward, Moonspell are also set to release a new album in 2023.  A highly anticipated follow up to Hermitage, a US tour would be adored, and the prospects are high that this will occur. Until then Cryptic Rock gives From Down Below – Live 80 Meters Deep 5 out of 5 stars. 

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