Motorhead & Anthrax Take Over Jones Beach, NY 9-16-15 w/ Crobot

anthrax motorhead slide - Motorhead & Anthrax Take Over Jones Beach, NY 9-16-15 w/ Crobot

Motorhead & Anthrax Take Over Jones Beach, NY 9-16-15 w/ Crobot

No stranger to the Rock-n-Roll scene, Motörhead, the successful iconic trio, has provided four decades worth of unforgettable tunes including the signature “Ace of Spades.” Known for being unstoppable, there was no better way to celebrate these forty years by releasing the twenty-second album Bad Magic on August 28th via UDR. The anniversary party did not end there, as they carried on to support this journey by embarking a five-week North American Tour. Shortly after its kickoff, frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, unfortunately, felt ill due to the altitude change in Colorado’s Riot Fest. News continued to flourish, including Lemmy walking off of the stage in Texas on Sept 1st, where many were worried for the sake of his declining health. Fans rapidly checked the internet daily to wait for a hopeful return or hear about an unfortunate cancelation. A few days passed by when news sprung, shortly after the Labor Day weekend, informing all that Lemmy recovered and the tour will continue. Rockers from Long Island, New York were now determined to celebrate the end of their Summer by doing whatever it took to see these legends on Wednesday, September 16th explode on the Nikon Jones Beach Theater stage. Supporting them on this celebration were legendary Thrashers Anthrax and Rockers, Crobot.

At Jones Beach on Long Island, the early bird crowd is typically split between the tailgating social butterfly Rockers in the parking lot and those who rush to their seats in order to catch the opening act of the night. This evening was no different as the fortunate ones who grabbed their spot early enough, were lucky to embrace thirty minutes of Groove Rocking glory as Pennsylvania’s Crobot launched onto the stage. It was not too long ago when they shared the same stage with Anthrax during the beginning of the Summer as both opened up for Volbeat. Maintaining a vigorous and unstoppable energy, they have been living on the road to spread their name across the globe since 2011. Continuing to support their 2014 debut studio album, Something Supernatural, via Wind-Up Records, members Brandon Yeagley (lead vocals/harmonica), Bishop (guitar/vocals), Jake Figueroa (bass), and Paul Figueroa (drums) were ready to tackle the platform. Opening with tracks such as “Skull of Geronimo” lifted the night with Rock ‘n’ Roll adrenaline. Keeping up with energy, they powered through “Nights of the Sacrifice” and swooped into the bluesier, sensational “La Mano De Lucifer.” Embracing the crowd, Yeagley eagerly announced the next track, “Welcome to Fat City,” and kept the audience hooked. Continuing to captivate all ,they went into “The Necromancer,” where Yeagley shined on the harmonica. At this point, the band had everyone begging for a longer set. Unfortunately, these opening Rockers were on their way to depart the platform, however, they went out with a bang as they closed with “Fly on the Wall.” It is no secret that they will return to New York, soon enough.

Returning to their home, Thrash Metal New Yorker pioneers Anthrax were ready to begin another fantastic set. Many should bow down and thank legendary guitarist Scott Ian for forming this historic act in 1981. Hell has been raised from the get-go since the debut album of 1984’s Fistful of Metal, and consistently carried on throughout the years to the tenth studio album of 2011’s Worship Music. Hands down and without question, one of the largest Thrash Metal acts on the East Coast, they have earned their place being under what is known as the Big Four. After a few lineup departures and returns, the latest consists of in addition to Ian, Charlie Benante (drums), Frank Bello (bass), Joey Belladonna (vocals), and newest member Jonathan Donais (guitar) since 2013.

Strolling in with moshing delight, they opened up with the classic “Madhouse” from 1985’s Spreading the Disease.  Ensuring everyone was “Among the Living,” the crowd rocked out with the classic “Caught in a Mosh.” At this point, fans were out of breath and drenched in their own sweat from running around and having the time of their lives. Belladonna admitted that this was their first time playing in Jones Beach and went into the Joe Jackson cover of “Got the Time.” Knowing exactly what the fans wanted to hear, the opening melody had many screaming out classic “ooh, whoa” sounds as it ignited into the favorable “Antisocial,” followed by “Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t,” from Worship Music.

Belladonna conversed with the crowd, fans cheered as Belladonna continued, “How about something from 1985 again? We don’t even remember 1985 you bastards. We got some old mother fuckers in the house, give them up.” The older members screamed out as “Medusa” chimed in. Ian pumped up the Long Island crowd, ensuring all to get off of their seats to pay attention and emphasized, “to all of the Veterans and first responders that came out tonight, thank you so much! This one is for you mother fuckers!” Dedicating the Black Sabbath cover “Neon Knights” to honor the Veterans that evening truly showcased an imminent amount of gratitude.

Keeping the tributes and honor coming, “In The End,” from Worship Music, tolled in. This song beautifully tributed two legends, Ronnie James Dio and Dimebag Darrell. The sideline displays changed from the Anthrax logo to these iconic faces who have unfortunately departed. Fans raised their hands to this hit as Belladonna demanded, “Everybody get your hands up. Slow down, Rock-n-Roll to Ronnie James Dio and Dimebag, everyone get your hands up.” Midway through, during a melodic breakdown, Belladonna raised his Metal horns to the sky as though Dio and Dimebag were watching from afar as they powered through. Playing this specifically at Jones Beach right on the water added an additional attribute. Belladonna thanked everyone for coming as they closed the set with the classic “Indians” from 1987’s Among the Living. Before leaving the stage, they promised to return next year after finishing up the promised eleventh studio album. Hopefully, this would bring them up to a full-fledged headlining tour.

While many had just enough time to grab a drink in honor of the known indestructible Whiskey drinkers, the English trio Motörhead were ready to lead the night. Formed forty years ago by the one and only Lemmy, joined by longest running members Philip Campbell (guitar) and Mikkey Dee (drums), together they been performing sinful tunes of gambling, sex, drugs, and Rock-n-Roll with an endless amount of charm; the music that has captured many hearts. Fans cheered in relief to see all three members confidently take reign of the stage. Lemmy, being the kind gentlemen that he is, informed, “We are Motörhead and we play Rock-n-Roll.” Known for playing loud, they blew up the speakers from the beginning with “Bomber” and the classic “Stay Clean.” This velocity was not enough for Lemmy as he shouted out, “Turn it up anyway,” as they continued with the infamous “Metropolis.” Preferring to have the lights on, Lemmy demanded the house lights raised to gaze into the crowd. Lemmy exclaimed, “Fuckin’ hell, there’s a bunch of you tonight. Who’s bought our new album? Has anyone bought Bad Magic, our new record out?” He looked at the crowd from the distance and continued, “Eighty-three of you, ok good. All right, you have to be loud for this. I would like you all to make fucking noise as if you were babies. Take a big breath, New York, all right? You can do it!” Lemmy’s vocals appeared to be 100 percent on this evening as he shouted out, “1, 2, 3!” Fans cheered, Lemmy unsatisfyingly expressed, “That wasn’t very good boys and girls.” He counted again, and again, until the crowd screamed to the top of their lungs. This was the perfect introduction for “Over the Top” off of Bomber (1979). It blistered in, and with an immaculate guitar solo, fans embraced this rockin’ tune.

Instrumentals picked up during Campbell’s guitar solo that shortly morphed into “The Chase is Better Than the Catch” from 1980’s Ace of Spades. Steering away from a round of shots, Lemmy had a round of thanks for his fans and mentioned the next piece, “Rock It,” from 1983’s Another Perfect Day. Fans continued to adore Lemmy’s interaction as he honestly admitted, “All right, it’s really sad we don’t drink anymore. Make some noise Jones Beach! This is from our previous album, Aftershock, it’s called ‘Lost Woman Blues.’” Lemmy remained sharp and endearing, simply by introducing each and every tune of the night, including the next, “Doctor Rock.” Fans cheered as the song transpired into a riveting drum solo by Dee. In a heavy English tone, Lemmy described the next one as, “A song about politicians and businessmen,” as they went into “Just ‘Cos You Got the Power.” Rebelling along, fans yelled and moshed around without a care in the world during the classic “No Class.”

Unfortunately, the set was cutting near to a close as Lemmy jokingly announced by hinting at a soon to be encore, “This is going to be the last song. If you make a noise, we’d come back you know, so it’s up to you if you know what I mean. Ok, here we go.” As they played the iconic “Ace Of Spades,” an epic monstrous mosh pit erupted until the ultimate end. As the band left the stage, everyone shouted out, “Lemmy!” They were so honored that he was healthy and back, as well as sustained the entire set, however, there was room for one more. After a short break, they came back on for the final tune. Lemmy kindly introduced, “This is going to be the last song, but before we do that, I would like to introduce you to Motörhead.” Fans cheered as Lemmy continued, “On my right, on your left, playing guitar with Motörhead for 31 years, Philip Campbell.” Lemmy took a breath and carried on with the introduction, “On drums, the best drummer in the world, Mikkey Dee.” Campbell finished the introduction, “On stage left, the incredible Mr. Lemmy.” Lemmy thanked everyone and showed his appreciation, “All right, you’ve been an excellent audience tonight. We thank you very much.” A few shouted out, “We love you, Lemmy!” Lemmy put on a smirk and the amplifiers maxed out to the ultimate closing track of “Overkill.”

Lemmy shined on the stage and conquered concerning health issues this evening as he persevered through a Motörizing performance. All though nothing from the latest Bad Magic was performed that night, fans embraced all of the classics that they have cherished along the years. This lavishing North American journey with Anthrax and Crobot will end on top of the seas via the Norwegian Skyon Motörhead’s Motörboat. A handful of acts will board this ship on September 28th including Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Hatebreed, Exodus, and many more.

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