Mumford & Sons – Delta (Album Review)

It has been a prosperous ten years since the multi-platinum-selling Mumford & Sons – Marcus Mumford (lead vocals,guitar), Ben Lovett (keyboards, piano, accordion), Winston Marshall (guitar,banjo,bass), and Ted Dwane (bass, drums) – brought Folk Rock back to the mainstream. As this class act celebrate their achievements, they also look to the future with the release of new music. That said, Mumford & Sons return on a new album, Delta, set to drop on Friday, November 16, 2018 via Gentlemen of the Road/Glassnote Records.

Looking back, when London’s Mumford & Sons debuted on 2009’s Sign No More, they came out of nowhere with a pure, yet intriguing Folk Rock sound that took many by surprise. The surprising part was fans of all forms of music, from Pop to Metal, could not resist Mumford & Sons’ highly emotional and passionate tracks like “Little Lion Man.” The most irresistible trait about the music of Mumford & Sons is the way a song can start off slow and yearning, then grows into a monster of uplifting tones and compelling vocals which stimulates the heart and soul.

In an instant, Mumford & Sons exploded into a platinum-selling, chart-topping, and Grammy Award winning juggernaut. Practically overnight, Mumford & Sons became a household name and fans were enamored by this remarkably talented quartet.

Riding a wave of success, Mumford & Sons released their sophomore album, 2012’s Babel, which earned Mumford & Sons the 2013 Grammy Award for Album of the Year. Three years later, Mumford & Sons’ third album, 2015’s Wilder Mind, debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Charts, thus completing a trifecta of smash records for one of the biggest bands in the world.

As Mumford & Sons entered London’s The Church Studios, the band sat beside veteran Producer Paul Epworth (Adele, Florence and the Machine) who beaconed the Delta sessions. Upon completion, the finished product birthed Delta; Mumford & Sons’ fourth studio album. At first listen, Delta sees the men of Mumford & Sons once again growing in the areas of songwriting and instrumentation. This time around, Mumford & Sons focus immensely on vividly somber, warm tones, held by uplifting drum beats that lead each track through their own fascinating journey.

Stepping right into Delta, the album opens on the choir-like “42.” A stunning opener, Mumford & Sons deliver a spiritual build-up that ascends beyond music (“What if I need you in my darkest hour?“). Compelling, this is followed fittingly by the touching “Guiding Light” (“Even when there is no star in site, You will always be my guiding light“). After just two songs, the listener is immersed in a flurry of emotions and unbridled passion from all four voices of Mumford & Sons. Both lyrically and musically, Mumford & Sons continue in this direction throughout Delta.

Moving along, Mumford & Sons present a tame presence on “The Wild.” Then, you will want to hold someone close on the hopeful “Slip Away” (“You will never slip away“). Thereafter, “Rose of Sharon” plays as a portrait of love (“A love too deep for words“) before the reaffirming “Picture You.” As his word is gospel, on “If I Say,” Marcus is sincere as he sings “If I say I love you, Then I love you,” and listeners will believe. In a descriptive tale, “Wild Heart” shines with all of Mumford & Sons’ musical desires. Never wanting Delta to end, “Forever” expresses how to love the one you love. Concluding a stellar showing, “Delta” is a telling request for a love to come along and make it all worthwhile (“Walk with me, I think we’ll find a way“).

Shining a light in the darkness, Mumford & Sons’ Delta is a powerful songbook expressing the importance of love. On Delta, Mumford & Sons have evolved even further with exquisite songwriting that will reach your soul. In conclusion, Delta offers up some of the most hauntingly inspirational music to come along all year. One of 2018’s best, Cryptic Rock gives Delta 5 out of 5 stars.

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