Naughty By Nature Bring 25 Year Celebration To The Emporium Patchogue, NY 4-2-16

Naughty By Nature Bring 25 Year Celebration To The Emporium Patchogue, NY 4-2-16

With roots that date back to 1988 under the name The New Style, the group soon to be known as Naughty by Nature first made a splash on the scene in 1991 with debut single “O.P.P,” thus beginning their journey into Hip Hop stardom. Peaking at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100, the cut not only gaining notoriety in the Hip-Hop community, but transcended the genre and became a cultural phenomenon, even finding itself on Spin Magazine’s list of best singles of the ’90s. Attaining platinum status on that debut, self-titled album, Naughty by Nature continued along the road to bigger success when 19 Naughty III dropped in 1993, followed by hits dressing 1995 ‘s Poverty’s Paradise, and 1999’s Nineteen Naughty Nine: Nature’s Fury. 

Now, after some down time in the early 2000s, some differences between key members as recent as 2013, Naughty by Nature stands tall to celebrate their 25th anniversary. A winning team of Treach, Vin Rock, and DJ Kay Gee, fans rejoice as their special celebration Kick Off Tour launched in January 2016 with dates plotted late fall. With that said, the band found themselves making the road trip out from their home state of New Jersey to Patchogue village to rock The Emporium to the break of dawn on Saturday, April 2nd.

Marking their return to the Long Island area for the first time since September of 2013 when they headlined The Freestyle Explosion at Pennysaver Ampitheater in Farmingville, excitement was high as the party kicked off at The Emporium with local MCs warming the night up, spinning a variety of hits. Enticing the dressed to impress crowd to the dance floor, the energy level was high as Naughty by Nature would take to the stage a couple of hours later. With hands in the air, the audience immediately sank their teeth into the set as the three-piece group jolted out, opening with “O.P.P.” Adding to the quick opening, Treach and Vin Rock both handed out stickers with the phrase “Down Wit O.P.P.” written on them, giving fans an awesome souvenir to remember the night by. The treasures continued as the group blasted into “Uptown Anthem” as Vin Rock handed out t-shirts with the classic Naughty by Nature logo into the crowd. The closing track off 1991’s Naughty by Nature, many may also remember it from the popular 1992 soundtrack for the film Juice.

Moving right along, paying homage to other Hip-Hop legends, Naughty by Nature unleashed a trio of cover tracks as they moved on with DMX’s “Party Up,” House of Pain’s “Jump Around,” before Biz Markie’s quirky classic “Just a Friend.” Showing enthusiasm while performing, Naughty by Nature had the crowd moving and grooving on the floor too as they busted out their 1995 hit “Feel Me Flow.” A joyous atmosphere, drinks flowing from the VIP sections, fans were in pure delight, and memories of the classic age of Hip Hop was filling the air.

Closing out the night with 1992 party anthem “Hip Hop Hooray,” Vin Rock and Treach led fans along with the unforgettable chorus while DJ Kay Gee kept the beat. Having everyone’s arms waving in the air, the connection between Naughty by Nature and their fans was superb. An overall fitting way to conclude the set, Naughty by Nature left their crowd feeling like any great performers do, wanting more.

All in all a fun evening, Naughty By Nature continue to celebrate twenty-five years of elevated standards in the Hip-Hop community with plenty of tour dates, including a number of festivals throughout the next few months. With a new album unlikely at this point in time, fans can find happiness to know that Naughty by Nature are alive and kicking, ready to tear up a stage at a local venue, showing why they still hold the golden microphones.

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