New Politics, Magic Man, & Sleeper Agent sell out Bowery Ballroom NYC 1-30-14

On any given night in New York City something fresh and exciting could be happening at the turn of a corner. Those up to speed with today’s hottest alternative rock bands were down in the Bowery section of Manhattan on Thursday January 30th to catch New Politics, Magic Men, and Sleeper Agent perform at Bowery Ballroom. Clearly an exciting night for young and older fans alike; this marks New Politics’ first headlining tour of 2014 which resulted in a week night sell out.

Kicking off the party was Sleeper Agent from Bowling Green, KY. Having formed in 2009, their debut album Celabrasion (2011) garnished the 5-piece alternative rockers a flurry of attention with their upbeat and energetic sound. Taking influence from various alternative rock bands from the 1980’s and 1990’s, Sleeper Agent has a unique approach to their music which has helping spark a revived alternative rock scene. The band hit the stage with a burst of energy, ready to take on New York City. With a set of songs saturated in catchy rhythmic guitar melodies, sing along choruses, and youthful ambition the crowd responded dancing and bouncing around the room freely. Lead vocalist Alex Kandel and vocals/guitarist Tony Smith fed off one another as the rest of the band shined in their musical abilities and presence to keep the audience’s attention. Sleeper Agent is definitely a band on the rise and with the release of their sophomore album About Last Night due out March 25th, look for big things to come.

Directly following were electronic pop rock band Magic Man. Originally beginning as a duo project consisting of Alex Caplow and Sam Lee, the idea of Magic Man evolved with the addition of Justine Bowe, Daniel Radin, and Joey Sulkowski. Now a 5-piece band the original synth-pop styling has evolved into a majestic blend of electronic, pop, and rock which are some of the most intriguing music in the alternative genre today. As the band took the stage sounds of synthesizers, drums, and guitar filled the room, immediately invoking a positive response. Alex Caplow’s voice was clear, dynamic, and meshed masterfully with the music. Songs like “Texas” and “Paris” are just some of the spectacular songs Magic Man has composed that come to life in a live setting engaging and stimulating the audience. Their admiration for 1980’s new wave and pop sense is fascinating and undeniably well-crafted. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of their debut EP You Are Here released back September 2013 which is offered as a free download on their website.

With two talented bands already to grace the stage, Bowery Ballroom was packed with smiling faces ready for New Politics. Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, David Boyd (vocalist) and Søren Hansen (guitarist) took a daring leap to help pursue their career in 2010 moving to New York City. Thousands of miles away from home, New Politics have taken their chances gradually becoming one of the most talked about bands in alternative rock. With the exceptional success of their sophomore album Bad Girl In Harlem (2013) the three piece outfit appears ready to conquer the world.

With electric running through their veins, Boyd and company broke onto the stage. Beginning their performance with a series of earlier tracks including “Dignity”, the tone was set for a non-stop party. Boyd exhibited his tremendous dancing abilities on and off the stage break dancing and contouring his body at will. Clearing a circle on the floor, he improvised a series of dance moves with clapping and cheering fans surrounding raving about how great Boyd’s dancing really is.

The earth shattering bass of “Just Like Me” is made to be played live and this punk rock anthem blasted the excitement to the next level. A combination of youthful and mature fans united in dance and jammed out the entire set in animated fashion. Feeding of everyone’s energy, Boyd took to the crowd with confidence surfing the hands of the audience and loved every minute of it. Hansen’s full guitar sound and passionate supporting vocals matched Boyd’s power surge, while Long Island, NY native, Louis Vecchio’s hard hitting drumming provided the backbone for the music. It’s this adrenaline filled output that aroused Bowery Ballroom to scream and actively participate all night long.

Keeping the night flowing, “Tonight You’re Perfect” created a dream-like atmosphere inside, combining electronic and rock elements. Directly following was an acoustic performance of “My Love”, with Boyd and Hansen teaming up for a sensational vocal duet. With time on their side New Politics had the chance to offer their fans a broader range of their music with concentration on Bad Girl In Harlem, including “Overcome”, “Die Together”, and “Berlin”. Unquestionably the hit single “Harlem” blew the roof off Bowery Ballroom with the band not only playing the song, but celebrating it. The catchy and unforgettable tune ended the set on high note, with New Politics exiting the stage only to return moments later for a diverse encore.

Beginning the encore with Hansen behind the keyboards and Boyd relaxing, guitar in hand, playing “Stuck On You”. Hansen took the lead with grace and delivered the song with a vigorous force, familiar to the album recording, yet pumped up for live performance. Taking the audience for one last joyride, New Politics ended the evening with “Goodbye Copenhagen” and their first single ever “Yeah Yeah Yeah”.

With a strong emphasis on pop, electronic, rock, and everything in between, New Politics’ methods are undeniably fun. Having spent most of 2013 as an opening act, the band has proven they can hold their own as a headlining act with a real, intense, and shockingly immense sound for 3-piece band. Having resided in New York City now for the better part of 3 years, it is safe to say the boys have found a home, and it was never clearer than this sold out show at Bowery Ballroom.

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  • Great to see this show be receive so well. These are some seriously talented acts, especially Magic Man. I’ve been listening to their album, ‘You Are Here’ constantly, and I’m really diggin’ their video for “Paris.” Check it out if you haven’t already!

  • Great to see this show be receive so well. These are some seriously talented acts, especially Magic Man. I’ve been listening to their album, ‘You Are Here’ constantly, and I’m really diggin’ their video for “Paris.” Check it out if you haven’t already!

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