New Politics sell out in return to NYC 11-25-14 w/ Bad suns & Somekindawonderful

new politics slide 2 edited 1 - New Politics sell out in return to NYC 11-25-14 w/ Bad suns & Somekindawonderful

New Politics sell out in return to NYC 11-25-14 w/ Bad suns & Somekindawonderful

When Alternative Rock act New Politics relocated from their home of Copenhagen, Denmark five years ago to New York City, the risk was high, but the reward was plentiful.  Having signed with RCA records, founders David Boyd (vocals) and Søren Hansen (guitar) took a leap of faith into the unknown in their pursuit of taking their music to the next level, but time shows it paid off.  Releasing their debut self-titled album in 2010, the band’s popularity began to skyrocket with the release of their sophomore album in 2013 titled A Bad Girl in Harlem.  Gaining exposure on Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar festival 2013, a number one single, and a flashy energetic stage presence now make New Politics one of the hottest acts to catch live around.  Completing a successful headlining tour in the earlier part of 2014, the band celebrated broader reorganization as a part of the Monumentour with Paramore and Fallout Boy this past summer.  Now ready to close out one of the best years of their career with a bang, the power trio came back with a headlining tour featuring support from SomeKindaWonderful and Bad Suns.  Arriving at Irving Plaza on Tuesday November 25th, New Politics were greeted with a hearty New York City welcome of a sold out crowd ready to celebrate Thanksgiving a few days early.

First to the stage was Cleveland, Ohio’s SomeKindaWonderful.  Formed only a year ago, the cast of Jordy Towers (vocals), Matt Gibson (guitar), Ben Schigel (drums), and Sarah Dyer (backing vocals, percussion) have accomplished a lot in a short time.  Signed to Downtown Records, they released their debut self-titled album back in June.  Possessing a song that combines a classic Soul vocal style mixed with modern Rock, SomeKindaWonderful brought an intriguing opening to the night.  Performing some passionate songs including the upbeat “Hard for Days,” single “Reverse,” as well as “Burn,” their set was fantastic.  The name says it all with this bunch and anyone interested in a band that has something different to bring Alternative Pop Rock should check them out.

Next on the schedule was Southern Californians Bad Suns.  Together since 2012, also relatively young, the band consists of Christo Bowman (vocals), Gavin Bennett (bass), Miles Morris (drums) and Ray Libby (guitar).  With music running through their veins since adolescence, the moment they took the stage it was easy to see they had a crisp inventive brand of music to offer.  Taking the best textures of Pop along with the tingling effects of well-crafted guitar licks and arousing vocals, they began with the catchy song “Transpose.”  Having the fans screaming in excitement they continued with equally bright tracks like “Take My Love and Run,” “Dancing On Quicksand,” and “We Move Like The Ocean.”  Engaged in their performance, each member of the band provided fine instrumentation with Bowman moving about the stage with a voice as smooth as silk.  Taking the excitement to the next level, midway through the performance Bowman hopped into the crowd to join the party on the floor with the audience.  Certainly fun for all, Bad Suns are a band with a fresh approach to Alternative Pop Rock.  Their set wound down with fan-favorites “Cardiac Arrest” and “Salt.”  Those which missed their opening spot on this tour, have no fear, Bad Suns will be back in the Big Apple on February 15, 2015; headlining Bowery Ballroom.

As everyone gathered as close as physically possible to the front of the stage in anticipation for New Politics to begin, fans could be heard speaking of the last time they saw the band live and just how electrifying they were.  Certainly an act that leaves an impression, the moment the lights dropped, cheers came from the crowd.  As drummer Louis Vecchio, Hansen, and Boyd made their way out and began with “Tonight You’re Perfect,” the cheers turned into a roar with fans singing along.  A Long Island native, Vecchio stood behind his kit tempting the crowd to raise the noise level as Hansen screamed “New York” into the air, while Boyd, dressed in a fedora, sang with a smile a mile a wide.  Quickly removing the hat, moments later Boyd broke into his physically dazzling break-dancing routine during “Berlin.”  Only two songs into the set, New Politics had the decibel level of noise pouring from the crowd that it sounded at times the music was being drowned out.  Astounding, yet leaving one to wonder where would they go from here, and could they keep this up all set long?  The answer is a resounding yes as they went into “Die For You” featuring Boyd pumping his dancing up a notch as he stood on his head.

Moving along as adrenaline bled through their veins, the set went into tracks like “Give Me Hope” and “My Love,” before New Politics sang “Happy Birthday to You” to three lucky fans.  A special moment they certainly won’t forget, a present was given to everyone following when they showed of a brand new song called “Loyalties Among Thieves.”  Having a mix of Punk Rock attitude with dance-ability, the new song was red hot and received extremely well by the room.   Keeping everyone moving, the heavy bass of “Die Together” came before a flawless cover of Beastie Boys “Sabotage.”  Matching the tone and mood of the original, Boyd busted through the rhyme with ease as Vecchio’s drum hits and Hansen’s guitar chops were razor sharp.

Balancing out the remainder of the songs, New Politics touched on both their albums with songs such as “Overcome” and “Goodbye Copenhagen” before revving up a medley of “Love Is A Drug / We Are the Radio / New Generation.” It was no surprise that not an ounce of interest was lost by the audience as they danced and sang to each and every word.  Not to be overlooked, Vecchio took the spotlight moments later when he played along with a party mash up of cover tracks “Baby Got Back / Turn Down for What / Smells Like Teen Spirit.”  It was a perfect interlude to the body moving “Just Like Me” and “Stuck On You” before new single “Everywhere I Go (Kings & Queens)” took over.  An anthem in rebellion, filled with fun lyrics, the song is further proof that New Politics are loaded with hit making talents.

Seemingly having exhausted every avenue of adventure possible, they concluded the set with “Yeah Yeah Yeah” before sending it into overdrive during an encore that began with “Fall Into These Arms.”  As Boyd climbed like Spider-man to the top balcony during the fitting closing of “Bad Girl in Harlem” and borrowed a fans cell phone in the process recorded himself singing on stage with his back toward the audience as they went bonkers; a riveting conclusion to a performance style New Politics has made their standard.   New Politics is a band that defies genre boundaries with a purely entertaining live show not to be missed.  Keep a look out for their third studio album Vikings due out in early 2015.



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