New Years Day – Unbreakable (Album Review)

New Years Day – Unbreakable (Album Review)

Christened after a holiday that annually defines a new beginning, New Years Day is one of the most determined up-and-coming acts to grace the music scene in some time. In breaking news, New Years Day is ready to drop their fourth studio album, Unbreakable, slated for release on Friday, April 26, 2019 via Red Music.

A bold and passionate representation of Alternative Metal/Gothic Metal, New Years Day has come a long way since their early days of self-promotion via the social media network Myspace. Since their debut EP, 2006’s New Years Day/Razor, and their full length debut, 2007’s My Dear, New Years Day has busted their humps touring relentlessly and recording all with the purpose to break out as a top act in music. Little by little, over the years New Years Day has been chipping away at this goal and inching further up the proverbial ladder with every tour and every new album. Over the last few years, New Years Day has spent a ton of time touring with another exploding act, Halestorm, in 2016 and again in 2018 when both bands joined up with In This Moment playing for packed houses across North America.

To date, New Years Day has officially released three LP’s and four EP’s including Diary of a Creep which dropped this past January featuring a plethora of cover tunes and one new song, “Disgust Me.” Through it all, New Years Day has been led by one fiery female, Vocalist Ash Costello. One woman to know, Costello brings a unique force of beauty, power, rage, and emotional inspiration to the defiant music of New Years Day. Though New Years Day has seen many a band member come and go, Costello has remained as one of the founding members as she leads the charge with Rhythm Guitarist Nikki Misery, Lead Guitarist Austin Ingerman, Bassist Frankie Sil, and Drummer James Renshaw. The total package, New Years Day are a sight to see as a live act where they tear apart audiences with each and every performance.

Entering the next chapter, Unbreakable begins via “Come For Me.” Putting the music right in your face, a staggering opening hook progresses into a wall of an Industrial Metal inspired chorus. A clever twist, “MissUnderstood” shows there is more than meets the eye to a band such as New Years Day. Revealing, the track “Skeletons” is like an open letter asking someone to unveil their one true self. Making every syllable count, Costello is uplifting on the title-cut “Unbreakable” where she sings her heart out about cleaning your wounds and getting back up even stronger.

A personal story for Costello, the single “Shut Up” makes way for “Done With You,” a track about feeling numb to the sting of an old flame. Wrestling with inner demons, “Poltergeist” leads into the spice of “Break My Body,” the unapologetic disdain of “Sorry Not Sorry,” and overcoming the fear we build inside on “My Monsters.” Nearing the end, “Nocturnal” is a brazen and melodic view into New Years Day at night as “I Survived” fittingly sums up Unbreakable.

Sonically, Unbreakable is by far New Years Day’s best sounding album to date. Aside from the rattling of Alternative Metal that will have listeners banging their heads and thrashing all around, Unbreakable is a powerful album from top to bottom. Lyrically, Unbreakable is an open and fearless collection about the trials of life and overcoming the odds. For fans who love the dynamics of New Years Day, Unbreakable is a pleasing experience. Even more importantly, if you are someone who is going through something difficult right now, Unbreakable is meant for you. Highly recommended, Cryptic Rock awards Unbreakable 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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