Nickelback – Get Rollin’ (Album Review)

Nickelback – Get Rollin’ (Album Review)

Hailing from Canada, Nickelback is one of the most successful modern Rock bands, period. A statement hard to argue, thanks to their fifty million plus album sales, there is a portion of the population that honestly loves to hate them. A phenomenon that has been ongoing for nearly two decades, the argument haters have is that Nickelback is too commercial, too formulated, or… they just hate them for no reason at all. 

The amusing part of it all is that if anyone was actually paying attention they would see that Nickelback’s earlier years found them in the same rankings as other Hard Rock new millennium bands such as Staind or Godsmack; just listen to songs like 2000’s “Breathe” and “Leader of Men.” Then they really broke it big with 2001’s Silver Side Up album and have never looked back. Even still, if naysayers actually took a moment to listen from 2001 and on, they would see that next to every Nickelback ballad is a hard rocker that can shine with the best of them.

Nonetheless, Nickelback take the hate in stride, because in the end, they are still as successful as any. Which leads us to the present day where they return with their first album in five long years, Get Rollin’. Released on Friday, November 18, 2022 through BMG, Get Rollin’ marks their tenth overall album and is also a bit of a surprise. Featuring eleven new songs, the long lay off between albums gave Nickelback time to reflect on what direction they wanted to go next. In fact, back in 2019 Mike Kroeger (bassist) spoke of his desire to take the music down a heavier path. 

So, do Nickelback break out the Metal riffs? Well, again, they have shown heaviness in the past, so it would not be out of character. That said, they do start things out pretty darn heavy with the single “San Quentin.” Featuring shouted vocals from Chad Kroeger and harsh riffs, it is a pretty intense, yet catchy song. From here “Skinny Little Missy” is also quite loud while featuring a chorus that marches forward. Then the more radio friendly “Those Days” takes you for a walk down memory lane. Softer than the previous two cuts, it is one everyone will be able to relate to one way or another.

The album then takes many twists and turns; from the Country Rock leaning “High Time,” to the blusey riff driven “Vegas Bomb,” to the smooth, atmospheric “Tidal Wave.” Keeping it more mellow, “Does Heaven Even Know You’re Missing?” is a beautiful ballad that will warm your heart, “Steel Still Rusts” keeps a chill vibe, and “Horizon” offers some feelings of hope in a dark time. And lastly there is the radio ready mid-tempo “Standing in The Dark ” before the synth driven “Just One More” offering some more diversity in the closing minutes.

It is clear Nickelback took some time before releasing this album. Taking pride in their songwriting, Get Rollin’ combine different styles and elements of Nickelback’s past and present, but still finds moments for more mainstream tracks. All in all, you get eleven songs filled with heart and soul; they are sometimes faster, other times slower, most definitely all enjoyable. Still going strong, Cryptic Rock gives Nickelback’s return 4 out of 5 stars. 

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