Nickelback – No Fixed Address (Album Review)

Nickelback – No Fixed Address (Album Review)

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After rising to fame and fortune with their chart topping hits and record breaking results, Canadian superstars Nickelback are the poster children for the fine art of becoming a successful Rock band. Formed in 1995 and selling over fifty million records worldwide, they quickly became the top Canadian rock band of all time and the second best selling foreign act in the US, only falling short to the legendary Beatles. Coming at you with a new sound and killer mixes, Chad Kroeger (lead vocals/guitar), Ryan Peake (rhythm guitar/keyboards/backing vocals), Mike Kroegar (bass guitar/backing vocals), and Daniel Adiair (drums/backing vocals) have done it again in 2014 with their eighth studio album, No Fixed Address. Signed with Republic labels, Nickelback basks in the glory of mixing genius of Chris Lord-Alge. Produced by Chris Basford, this album is a step above the rest with a little something for everyone.

Getting things started with a bang is “Million Miles an Hour” with a cool, clean, classic Nickleback sound and is filled with distorted guitars, a smooth techno mix and the sweet, gruffy vocals of Chad. “Edge of Revolution” has a soft beat with heavy drums and smooth vocals, offering a catchy chorus that leads to a sweet anthem breakdown. The first single released, “What Are You Waiting For,” could quite possibly be the feel good song of the year with its pop rock harmonies and beautiful, smooth guitars that keep perfect harmony to the courageous drums and perfected backing vocals. Flowing into a funky ’70s rhythm with a disco rock feel is “She Keeps Me Up.” Mixing clean vocals and fun instrumentals, this dirty, lyrical, sex-driven song echoes with vocal distortion, combining heavy drums and funky guitars, resulting in an overall cool sound. “Make Me Believe Again” opens with a strong drum section and a shallow, mellow mix of heavy guitars and deep bass lines. Notable, clean backing vocals are the perfect compliment to the smooth, sexy vocal lead. “Satellite” begins with a beautiful opening of harmonic piano, acoustic guitars and rough, devilish vocals make this track a magical love song. Plowing forward with deep bass drums and a cool, classic bass guitar line is “Get ‘Em Up.”   This fun, storyline track offers an electric guitar sound of bluesy feels.

Continuing the excitement, “The Hammer’s Coming Down” opens with a clean piano and deep, brilliant mixing, followed by hard bass and drums that roll smoothly into a dark guitar with soft gentle vocals. Adding the element of misplaced bongos and a pop rock feel is “Miss You,” with both acoustic and electric guitars added to a slow, mellow bass and romantic vocals by Chad, leaving the listener feeling the painful lyrics as they pluck at the heart strings. Picking things back up is “Got Me Runnin’ ‘Round,” getting back into the disco feel with a jazzy twist of overtoned bass and drums. Adding in a full horn section, the guest rapping styles of Flo Rida, growling vocals and the inside melodies, this track pulls the album together with funky pop rock. Coming to a close, “Sister Sin” offers smoother vocals and instrumental wrap ups, with awesome keyboard melodies and deep, killer slap bass guitar that feels completely out of character but fits magically into this closer to a fun, sexy and surprising album.

Never afraid to try new sounds, Nickelback has once again slung listeners into a musical rodeo of fun, tears, and sex.  Some may blindly knock this band because of their mainstream success, but the fact Nickelback is one hell of a Rock band. Not leaving any room for error, No Fixed Address is a tidal wave of amazing music.  CrypticRock gives this album 5 out of 5 stars.

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